Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business while building and scaling it to generate profit. For entrepreneurs, it is all about solving a problem in the world right now and sharing that message with people. Many people love entrepreneurship because it means living freely according to your standards. It is all about building a life on your terms. We respect and admire people who have dared to take on entrepreneurship and differentiate from the crowd. Entrepreneurs are all around us in this world, and they are the ones who own the top businesses.

Generally, entrepreneurs start as a side hustle, but with enough determination and grit, they turn it into something very long-lasting and stable. 

Small Ways To Start Becoming An Entrepreneur In High School

Wall that has the words "Thinkin of a Master Plan" on it
Wall that has the words “Thinkin of a Master Plan” on it

In high school, teens are usually hoarded with lots of work. Here are small ways to start becoming an entrepreneur in high school. 

Look At Things That You are Interested In

Think about things you genuinely like to do. Remember, entrepreneurship is about doing the same thing every day, so it might as well be what you love to do already. With this essential step, you are laying the foundation down for a lifetime of entrepreneurship.

Look At Problems In the World And Find A Solution

Look at things around you that seem wrong to you and look for ways to solve this problem. 

Identify What Potential Business Would Be Best For You

Now that you have done these two steps, you have to find out what business is right for you. What type of business interests you?

What Resources Can I use to Become A Student Entrepreneur?

Teen reading a book while surrounded by other books
Teen reading a book while surrounded by other books

Entrepreneurship can be learned through many avenues, but do not let all of the various options overwhelm you. Many people think that entrepreneurship can only be learned in schools, but that’s not always true. Sometimes, you do not need any formal education. Here are a couple of resources that you can use:


YouTube is one of the best ways to learn new skills because many people can post on it. The videos are also freely available and even have the option of downloading them for offline use. Almost any topic about entrepreneurship you would like to know more about has probably already been made available for you on YouTube. 


Books are one of the best ways to gain entrepreneurial knowledge. There are tons of books out there about how to be an entrepreneur and each person’s successful journey. When you gain knowledge like this, your chances of success are even higher.

The Internet

The Internet, in general, is a very good way to start your entrepreneurial journey. There are many sites with tips and tricks for you to start.

5 Business Ideas To Help Kickoff Your Entrepreneurship

Here are a couple of ideas to help you start on your entrepreneurial journey. These are businesses that teenagers have had success from: 

Create a T-Shirt Business
Folded T-Shirts on a store shelf
Folded T-Shirts on a store shelf

Creating a T-shirt business is a great first business idea; it is very simple and easy. First, all you’ll need is a designer to help you out with the drawings, and then you just have to go on a site like Printful or Teespring to sell the shirts.

Sell Eye Lashes and Makeup
Five tubes of lipstick with a pink background
Five tubes of lipstick with a pink background

We’ve seen a rise in this among the youth community. You can simply buy or outsource eyelashes or makeup from another company and sell them as your brand. 

Become a Social Media Influencer
Facebook and Twitter icons on a phone screen
Facebook and Twitter icons on a phone screen

For people who are already skilled in social media, you can create a following and work with brands as an influencer to promote various products and services. 

Write a Book
Person writing in a notebook
Person writing in a notebook

If you are good at writing, you can become an author at a very young age. Self-publishing is always an option. Just write your book and sell it on a site like Amazon. 

Start a Graphic Design Business
Man doing graphic design on a computer
Man doing graphic design on a computer

Having a graphic design business is good for teenagers who like to draw and make designs. With this, you can draw for people and companies who desire your work. 

Why You Are Already Ahead Of The Curve Right Now

Five people celebrating with their arms up
Five people celebrating with their arms up

The reason you are already ahead of the curve right now is that you are reading this article. You are putting yourself out there to better yourself instead of waiting for someone else. Starting on this journey will lead to longterm success on the road ahead. Just by doing the small task, you have already done something amazing, my friend. Remember to hustle every day and dream big because your idea will change the world. 

What are some of your first entrepreneurial ventures? When did you start them? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.