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The real estate market is crazy competitive, so you know that top-producing agents are always looking for a new edge they can use to beat out their competitors. 

If you are trying to write a letter of recommendation for a friend or family member in need, you have no excuse not to get the most out of your recruiting efforts. In the world of real estate, there are thousands of different paths you can take to get where you want to go. 

You can attend real estate school, get your license, network with your neighbors, learn about their business (that’s my favorite option), or start a blog about buying and selling homes. So which path will you choose? Here are some of the ways real estate agents can generate leads. 

1. Engage with Their Sphere of Influence

Real estate agents who succeed understand that the most powerful way to attract clients is through a referral. Referrals are 50% more effective than other forms of advertising. 

Even if you are discouraged with your business and not getting enough leads, doing something for someone else can expand your sphere of influence and bring you more clients than you ever imagined. 

The sooner you start engaging with your sphere of influence, the sooner you’ll be able to start building a strong customer base. This helps to generate leads by attracting new clients, ultimately leading to more commissions.

2. Frequently Post on Social Media

Social media provides top agents with a great opportunity to drive traffic to the website. When you post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, include links to your website. 

Posting links without accompanying text may get you in trouble with the network, but if you add a lot of value to your post, any warnings you may receive shouldn’t be problematic. Aside from posting on social media, adding an element of social proof is vital for success. 

This enables a realtor to establish authority, credibility, and trust in the eyes of their customers. When people consider buying or selling a house, they want to work with someone successful and someone who can help them.

3. Door Knocking in Your Neighborhood

This should be your number one method for lead generation. Real estate agents who make it a constant practice to knock on doors and make personal connections at all hours of the day and night will certainly generate business. 

Coupling this with the use of all three methods above, you can easily see how door-to-door sales are the most effective approach to generating leads and providing the highest return on investment. This is because you have to spend time in your community and face-to-face with your potential customers. 

You also have to explain why they should choose you as their agent. The money spent on gas, food, and time is more than compensated for by the numerous leads generated. 

There is still value in door-knocking in real estate. While social media is a powerful tool for lead generation, it still does not replicate the power of face-to-face interaction. Big-name real estate agents are constantly using door knocking for lead generation, and a big part of our success comes from our time on this method. 

If you have trouble getting your prospects to meet with you or answer the phone, then try setting up an appointment during the week.

4. Start an Email Newsletter

An email has become a very powerful lead generation tool used by realtors worldwide. If you have a blog, you should be using it to communicate with your customers every day. 

If you are taking advantage of social media for lead generation, you should also be writing about any new developments that would interest your customers. If you like email marketing, you should have an email newsletter at least twice a week. 

This will help you deliver valuable content to your email subscribers and potential customers. By making an effort to communicate with your customers consistently, you’ll build trust, credibility, and authority in the eyes of your targeted audience.

A newsletter should contain information that your customers want to read, such as the newest listings coming on the market, new industry news, or news about how your competitors are changing their business models. 

You should also monitor the effectiveness of your email newsletter by tracking open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. If you provide information that is valuable to them, they will most likely sign up to receive it. 

Your newsletter should include a value proposition and an offer that gives your customers something of value in exchange for their trust in you and your real estate service.

5. Geo Farm a Neighborhood

In real estate, the strategy of geo-farming comes from using a neighborhood’s attributes as its selling points. By focusing on the positive aspects of your geographic area, you can help to solidify your reputation to make it easier for prospects to choose you. 

You can use this method for lead generation and show prospects how professional and effective you are in finding great opportunities in their area. There are many advantages to this lead generation method, such as the ability to access information, build relationships early on, and give confidence that you are making an effort to find them the ideal house or property.

Geographic farming is also effective when it comes to generating listings by marketing to the homeowner. Real estate postcards are usually the most effective method for geographic farming, as long as the messaging is consistent and the turnover rate in the neighborhood is high.

6. Blogging

Blogging for realtors is about communicating with your audience to build authority, credibility, and trust. Lead generation should be the main reason why you blog. 

Dedicating a portion of your blog to news that matters to your audience is another great way to generate leads by showing prospects what you have done for others in their area. 

This can be accomplished by writing about personal experiences or answering people’s questions about the home buying process. The key to success when blogging is to make it relevant and useful to them.

The best ways to grow an organic audience for your blog are to include social media sharing options, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing campaigns. You should post your blogs on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. 

By implementing SEO in your blog posts, you can go after specific keywords and rank higher in search engines such as Google. Using an email newsletter to promote your blog ensures that the people who have subscribed to your newsletter will be notified of any new content you create.


Realtor lead generation is about putting yourself out there so you can make a difference in the lives of your customers. These six lead generation strategies will certainly do the trick if you are looking for more leads. 

You should be able to combine different methods with your style to make it successful. Your success will be measured by the number of leads you get, how fast you get them, and how much money they generate.