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If you’re thinking of taking your business to a trade exhibition, there are plenty of preparations you’ll need to consider. After all, you’ll want to show your business in the best possible light at the trade show. It may seem daunting, but there are solid ways you can prepare for the event. Below, we explore how you can achieve this.

Benefits of a trade exhibition

The first thing to consider is whether it’s worth the time and effort to participate in a trade exhibition. However, if you execute your attendance carefully, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. For a start, it will give you the chance to connect with potential clients and make sales there and then. This can boost your sales in the long term and short term as you find new customers. As a result, you’ll be able to boost your market share and get instant feedback on the products you offer. On top of this, you’ll be able to demonstrate the strength of your brand. By running a quality stall, you can highlight your business’ status and trustworthy reputation. Finally, it can also help you learn more about the industry. You can network with other businesses and individuals, and by examining the exhibition carefully, you’ll be able to keep up with industry trends. But to achieve this, you’ll need to prepare carefully, with some of the tactics below. 

Promote your presence on social media

One of the best ways to prepare for your trade exhibition is to promote your presence on social media. This can alert existing and potential new clients that you’ll be at the event, allowing them to plan ahead and visit your stall. What’s more, this can also help facilitate networking opportunities if other professionals and businesses know that you’ll be in attendance. Of course, this relies on you having a solid social media following – promoting your presence won’t work well if you don’t have an interested community. However, there are tips and strategies available online to help you grow your social media following before the event. This can help you promote your presence effectively. 

Get business cards

Once you’re at the event, you’ll want to leave the people you meet with a lasting impression. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by printing business cards for the event. By ordering business cards for your team to hand out, you’ll be able to leave a physical reminder with people. Business cards should include information about the services you offer and how to contact your business – all while looking memorable and sharp. By getting your business cards right, you can improve your chances of success at the exhibition. 

Consider health and safety regulations

You should also be looking to ensure that your participation in the event runs smoothly. This includes keeping your employees safe and ensuring that you meet health and safety regulations. After all, an accident or health and safety breach at your stand could easily be caught on video and seriously damage the reputation of your business. Begin by putting out drawings and designs for your stand, to show to the organizers. Once you have this ready, you should also conduct a risk assessment of your design to ensure that there aren’t any hidden issues you failed to consider. You might also want to consider public liability insurance to prepare for the worst. Finally, you should make your employees aware of some common hazards. Tripping, hazardous materials, stand height and wet floors are all potential dangers. You might also want to kit your team out in hi-vis clothing if the situation demands it.

Create a follow-up strategy

One of your final preparations should be to put together a follow-up strategy. Ideally, after the event, there will be a set of contacts who you want to further your relationship with. Your follow-up strategy should begin by sending a quick email to thank them and to connect further. After that, you could consider following them on social media and begin producing a follow-up file with key information to help you develop your relationship. Eventually, the end goal might be to arrange a meeting to see how your businesses can benefit each other and whether they could become a client. 

Participating in a trade event can really benefit your business. And by following the preparations above, you should be all set to enjoy a successful day.