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If you can succeed with improving the average employee performance, imagine what you could accomplish. If each of your employees works a little bit more efficiently, a little bit smarter, and a little more passionately, then the combined performance of the employees is going to lead to substantial overall progress.

We are talking about two different things when we say the “average employee performance”. The first is the average performance of all the employees in the company. The second meaning of “average employee performance” is the average performance of each of your employees. We will start by looking at the second one first – which is the average performance of the individual employee. Success is contagious, if one employee manages to improve their performance, there is a good chance that other employees associated with them are going to improve their performance.

The tips below are going to help in improving the individual performance of your employees. When you apply these tips, you are going to notice an improvement in their average performance.

Giving Them a Challenge

It is easier to get up early and commute to work when there is an interesting challenge waiting for you. The opposite is also true. When your job involves the same tasks day in day out, the motivation fades, and creativity goes with it. There are some jobs that are monotonous and have to be done, but you can be creative and find a way of challenging employees who do such types of jobs and tasks. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, and instead of doing that yourself, you can delegate it to an employee with years of experience with such issues. Another good way of challenging an employee is by giving them a new task to do that is not part of their normal duties. A good example is to give the receptionist responsibility to handle the social media accounts. This is going to allow them to focus on a new challenge that will help with the marketing outreach of the company.

Giving Them Feedback

Most managers know that doing yearly employee reviews doesn’t have that big of an impact on the average performance. This is because the time period is long. The better option is giving them more frequent feedback. Check-in with each employee once a month or once a quarter. This doesn’t have to take a lot of your time; 10 minutes is enough. A work time tracker can help to highlight areas in which they excel or require further training, visit Ask them how everything is going, look at their efforts and results, praise them for the job well done, and give constructive criticism and feedback in areas they need to improve. This gives you the chance of answering questions about how things can be done more effectively and better. You might find that these sit-downs can lead to a more collaborative experience. These conversations can result in great ideas and improved performance.

Giving Them Recognition

This is a method that is employed in different places, including by kindergarten teachers. When a student behaves well, they get a sticker next to their name. people don’t outgrow the need for appreciation and recognition. Effective managers know this and will look for ways of publicly recognizing people when they do a good job. The recognition can come in the form of cash rewards and bonuses like cool tech. It can be a handshake or a pat on the back. When you make recognition part of the company culture, you are going to see improvement in employee performance.

The employees are going to rise to your new challenges, with public recognition, and positive feedback. This will result in improved performance across the company. The environment in the company is going to improve because every employee feels they are important and valued by the company, which is going to improve the average employee performance.