There are some excellent shows right now, but do you really have time to watch them? If you run a business or have multiple side hustles, you know how precious your time is.

You might think you don’t need TV. You may be right. But before you cut out television completely, give it a fair shot.

The Value Of TV for Entrepreneurs

Watching television can be an important intelligence-gathering activity. Many businesses, especially those in the entertainment industry, must stay current with trending topics. They can’t afford to spend time pursuing trends that fall out of favor or turn problematic. 

Businesses that don’t depend on social media can gain vital intelligence from TV too. Popular TV programs may hint at or showcase trends to highlight in marketing

If you don’t know what it looks like to incorporate pop culture fandoms into a business marketing plan, just follow Wendy’s on Twitter.

TV shows might highlight a need that is not currently satisfied, or a failure in a current product, leading to possible new business ventures. It might lead to new job opportunities, especially in freelance writing. 

So TV can be valuable, but you don’t have to spend hard-earned profits to get it. Smart entrepreneurs know how to get their favorite TV shows for free (or almost free).

How To Get Free TV

Video-on-demand (VOD), or streaming services, give viewers access to a wide range of programs. Most of the big ones, like Netflix or Hulu, charge a monthly subscription fee. But there are some options that give you a range of programs for free.


Peacock began in 2020. This NBCUniversal streaming platform requires you to register before viewing content, but they do have a variety of movies, documentaries, and shows on their free tier.

A $4.99 premium subscription is one of the more affordable streaming prices out there, and you get a nice mix of shows and sports for it. Programs include current dramas and action-adventure series like Vikings, Heartland, and Yellowstone, plus classic TV and many movies. Sports channels include WWE, Indycar, football, rugby, cycling, motocross, and more. 

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is possibly the most underrated free streaming option. The app comes bundled with Roku devices, but you can stream anywhere online. The channel includes live broadcasts, news channels, current and classic TV, major movies, and more.

Roku also has a strong lineup of original shows and movies — including some Emmy-nominated titles. If you happen to already pay for another streaming service, you can link that channel to Roku for easy viewing.


Pluto TV is another free service that does not require users to register to access the content. This might be why it’s one of the most popular services, with millions of worldwide viewers

Pluto TV features movies, current TV shows, live broadcasts, and other content you can expect from a worldwide streaming service. It has more than 200 channels and titles from dozens of content providers. You can get news, documentaries, popular TV series, talk shows, sports, and more. 

Free Trials

Lastly, there’s always the option of signing up for a free trial of a premium streaming service and then canceling before the first bill comes due.

Many companies are taking steps to crack down on “free trial hopping” (using a new email address every month to keep getting free trials). For instance, you may only be allowed one free trial per credit card, and of course, it’s impractical to open a new credit card account every time you want a free month of TV.

The smarter way to go about this is to wait until channels have deals. For example, Apple TV+ will sometimes include a few months free with a new Apple product purchase, or other premium channels may offer three months for 99 cents on a Black Friday sale.

You might also consider just paying for a service for a month in order to binge a particular show, then canceling the service. While it’s not a free trial, scheduling your TV time when you have the availability to complete a full season of a show can still save you money.

Make Your Choice

TV can be relaxing and useful. It can be an important source of information. You never know when you’ll see something that inspires your next important endeavor. VOD services may give you the option of conducting this type of research at little to no cost.