As the pandemic rages on, it’s hard to feel like you have control in your life. Everything around you seems to be falling apart, and sometimes it feels like the oxygen in the air is slowly starting to thin and you can’t escape it. From the very start of the pandemic to killer hornets—because that did happen this year—to peaceful protests and riots to TikTok’s ban in the U.S. (even though that only lasted less than 24 hours) to the presidential election and the craziness of politics, 2020 has been a whirlwind of unbelievable events. With all of these obstacles that stand in your way, it’s hard to even contemplate a routine of any sort but trust me…having one helps.

Benefits of a Daily Routine

Entrepreneur drinking coffee during morning routine

Now let me just say that having a routine doesn’t always mean being extremely strict with times and such. Most of the time, routines can be relaxed and fully up to you and what you need. The thing about having a routine down is that it gives you a sense of normalcy to cling onto. With all the chaos going on around us, it’s easy to get swept away by the rest of the drama and start to completely ignore your needs. Something to really dig deep and focus on is what your body and mind is telling you that you need. It might be a short meditation session to clear your mind once a day or making sure that you get at least one walk in before noon or even setting a time aside to just drink some water…if it is something that you feel would help you conquer the day to your fullest ability, do it. 

The Importance of 3 Meal Per Day

Entrepreneur chopping vegetables for meal preparation

Something that I recently started doing was planning out what time’s I would eat my meals of the day. Now this may not be a concern for many people but finding the time to fill my body with the nutrients it needs is hard for me…like extremely hard. And I couldn’t really explain why until I started actually doing it. You see, I’m always focused on something else that I need to get done, or some days I’m scrolling through TikTok too long that I started ignoring my body’s need for food. What I’ve noticed with setting that time aside and really getting into that mindset of implementing three full meals into my day is that I’m really just setting a time for me to disconnect from the craziness that is my life, as it is many others. Having the routine of eating meals at certain times in the day gives me something to depend on and an excuse to step away from distracting obstacles in my life because now, I can always depend on that thing to keep me grounded. 

And I know, something that small may seem insignificant, but it truly has changed my life for the better. I’ve noticed my mindset changing from Ugh, here goes another day to What can I do to make today awesome? It’s the small things that really matter. So, if you’re sitting on your couch feeling like you need to take back control in your life, start now. Think of one thing that you want to start doing every single day and then do it. And as time goes on, add more things that you feel as though you can handle.

Small victories are still victories. I believe in you!

What is your daily routine? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.