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It’s no secret that the world is going digital with the increased use of technology and social media. However, as social media apps become more popular, they also increase access to information. For example, TikTok is a very popular platform which increases access to information. As TikTok rises in popularity, there are many entrepreneurs using the app to share their knowledge and advice to help other budding entrepreneurs. Below is a list of 9 of the best tiktokers for entrepreneurs to follow and learn from.

1) @Daviefogarty

Fogarty is one of the most well-known TikTok entrepreneurs. After failing at six businesses, Fogarty invented the “Oodie”, a wearable blanket, which now is an incredibly successful business. On his TikTok Fogarty answers questions about his business and how to survive as an entrepreneur. Also, Fogarty not only teaches but likes to encourage and invest in other entrepreneurs, and that’s not all. Additionally, Fogarty offers YouTube videos with tips and instructions for budding entrepreneurs based on his own life experience. He engages with his followers and gives detailed advice about some of the elements of new business. In short, Fogarty is a really good tiktoker to follow if you’re a new entrepreneur in need of some advice.

2) @Kailauli

Kaila Uli became an entrepreneur when she started her company, Brillies Sunglasses, which sells vintage and retro sunglasses. She is a small business builder who uses her personal experience to share helpful advice and inspire other entrepreneurs. Also, Uli’s videos cater to a variety of business owners and there is something for everyone. Finally, Uli offers one-on-one coaching, so she can give entrepreneurs advice for their specific situations.

3) @skylargraceco


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Skylar Cunningham is the founder of her clothing company, Skylar Grace Co, which includes tons of different types of clothing. Then, on her TikTok Cunningham provides viewers with sneak peeks of new merchandise, and looks into her company. Additionally, she documents the process of running her business with short engaging videos. Also, she is a good entrepreneur to follow if you want an example of using TikTok to effectively market your business and product. Last, she answers questions and is heavily engaged with her community.

4) @sierranicoleofficial


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Sierra Nicole is a good entrepreneur to follow on TikTok because her account provides a lot of easy-to-understand videos for some of the problems entrepreneurs may have when starting their businesses. Also, she gives real advice on entrepreneurship and what it can be like for some. Her how-to videos help with a lot of different problems like marketing or social media use. Finally, Nicole also has a YouTube channel with some more in-depth videos that can help.

5) @terrancemcmahon

Terrance McMahon is a good tiktoker to follow because he provides advice as “daily 1 minute mentoring”. In other words, his videos are short, informative, and great for someone who likes their information quickly. Prior to using TikTok to teach and share his advice, McMahon was a CEO for many years and uses that experience to give helpful tips. Also, he recommends detailed business tips, good habits, and thinking processes for budding entrepreneurs.

6) @spencerhacks


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Spencer Mecham is a tiktoker who creates videos about his journey to success using affiliate marketing, and how others can be like him. Mecham also talks about things he has learned and how to fix common problems that some entrepreneurs may face. Additionally, Mecham provides free live training to help others learn to make money using affiliate marketing. Also, Mecham responds to his community and interacts with followers in some of his videos.


Taylor Price is a tiktoker who provides incredibly helpful money tips to her followers. Price discusses many different financial terms in her videos and helps people understand what they mean. Also, Price looks at money mistakes that people often make and how you can avoid them. Finally, Price’s videos really help with money management and financial literacy.


Simon Squibb is an investor and entrepreneur who gives advice to other budding entrepreneurs. However, Squibb also interviews current billionaires to get advice from them on common problems businesses may face, and to talk about how they became billionaires. A good tiktoker to follow because you don’t just get his advice; you also get advice from all the experienced billionaires that he interviews.

9) @themrspedersen

Rachel Pedersen is a social media strategist, educator, and author. She uses her TikTok to inspire others with her own story, but also to provide guidance. Aside from giving tips on how to properly use social media to market your business, Pedersen provides inspiring videos for her followers to help them with their new businesses or passions. Finally, Pedersen provides information about finding mentors, pricing, and growing a social presence; all of which can help budding entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

All of these are really great tiktokers for any budding entrepreneur to follow because they will help your future business be successful.