When people think of New York, they immediately think of Times Square or Rockefeller Center. They think of the busy tourist attractions and the fast-paced lifestyle that is glamorized in the media. But, New York is also known for having some of the best colleges on the East Coast. Especially in business. If you’re looking to start your entrepreneurial career, these are the best business schools for you.

New York University Stern School of Business

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU Stern classifies itself as one of the most exclusive undergraduate schools in the country. Offering programs from entrepreneurship to international business, the long list of opportunities that can stem from graduating from this university are endless.

Zicklin School of Business

The Zicklin School is located through Baruch College. Credited as one of the best value undergraduate business schools, Zicklin allows their students to gain real-world experience through their access to internships, networking, and close ties to the job market that they’re studying.

Columbia Business School

Columbia is already ranked as one of the best schools in the country, but their business school is on its own accord, something worth mentioning. Praised for their rigorous academia, as well as their close ties to the Wall Street Community, it easily makes Columbia Business School one of the best, as well as one of the hardest to get into.

Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University

An option for those people who can’t handle the fast-paced lifestyle of going to school in the city, maybe upstate in Syracuse could be for you (that is if you don’t mind the heavy feet of snow). But, Martin J. Whitman makes up for the endless piles of snow by offering their students an education that can move them to great places upon graduation.

Johnson Graduate School of Management

This school is Cornell University’s master’s program school located in Ithaca, NY. Offering programs ranging from accounting, ethics, finance, to marketing, operations management, and real estate. Johnson Graduate School seems to have a program for anyone who desires an MBA. As well as their amazing faculty of professors, their career services, and just the environment on campus, students are sure to leave with all of the necessary resources to excel in the real world.

Simon Business School

This school is the business school of the University of Rochester. With a direct quote from the school’s website, it says, “A degree from Simon Business School is about more than a credential. It’s about a new level of clarity. Our success comes from teaching our students how to analyze problems and create innovative and solid recommendations for business strategy. At Simon, we are unabashedly analytical—but we are also unabashedly supportive. You’ll leave here with more than a toolkit for your next job. You’ll leave here with tools for life.” With an excellent curriculum, as well as high levels of diversity, it’s evident that Simon Business School could be the right choice for you.

School of Management at University at Buffalo

Offering a wide range of academics, this school has built up their reputation of being in the ranks of one of the best business schools in the country. It’s clear that this school wants to give its students the best opportunities and education for them to succeed in whatever business and management endeavors they pursue upon leaving University at Buffalo.

Binghamton University School of Management

Attracting students from all over the country as well as all over the globe, it’s safe to say that Binghamton has the credibility of being one of the best business schools. Providing an excellent educational opportunity as well as being recognized for its accounting program, the School of Management gives their students all of the tools needed to succeed.

School of Management at New York Institute of Technology

Challenging their students by their rigorous coursework and plethora of internship and networking opportunities, this school, located right in the city, gives students real-world experiences by allowing them to study in the city that is known for their business companies and work flow ethics. At NYIT, the tools to achieve success and luck in your future as a business major is all at your fingertips, with a faculty of staff that is willing to help and improve the educational experience. From their website, their mission is, “To provide high-quality, career-advancing business education opportunities within the context of a dynamic, technologically enabled, and global business environment, with scholarship emphasizing elements related to technology, career orientation/industry advancement, and globalization.”

Which of the best business schools in New York do you recommend? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.