According to recent research conducted on Indeed, the majority of small businesses have a difficult time finding the right employees for their companies. Whether it’s due to the less free time they have for recruiting or their general inability to offer competitive professional advancement opportunities compared to their larger competitors. However, having a professional, efficient, and productive team on hand is still a priority for most small businesses, which is why developing the right recruitment strategies might be the best solution. To that end, here are some efficient ways of recruiting new employees you can implement today.

Plan Hiring Ahead of Time

Planning out your future recruiting in advance is a great hiring strategy. If you want to hire new employees due to expansion and growth, planning allows you to select the ideal timeframe that won’t interfere with your busiest or slowest seasons.

Similarly, advanced planning also gives you the opportunity to create a better, more thought-out job description. Instead of selecting a pre-made template, think about the skills and experiences you require from your dream employee. Also, consult your current team to see what they need from future workers in order to find the best overall fit for your company.

Offer Stronger Incentives

Panel of startup team leaders interviewing new employee
Panel of startup team leaders interviewing new employee

After all, the most professional and experienced employees are generally spoiled for choice. As they know their expertise is always in high demand, they would rather wait for the best, most attractive offers instead of jumping at the first opportunity that arises. This is why offering stronger incentives is crucial for attracting top talent.

While offering a more competitive salary might be one of the best tactics, it’s not the only incentive that will bring in skilled workers if your small business simply can’t compete with larger corporations in those terms. Even aspects such as more flexible schedules, better holiday benefits, free or affordable health insurance, remote working opportunities, as well as educational and career growth options all help attract the right talent.

Work with an Employer of Record

An employer of record (EoR) is a specialized organization that takes over all the administrative and legal processes associated with employing new workers, such as setting up benefits, taking care of taxes, handling the onboarding process, and simplifying your payroll. What’s more, a good EoR will also provide support through insurances, local laws and regulations, visas and permits, as well as in-country and foreign money movement.

Whether your business is expanding internationally and looking for new employees, or you simply wish to hire top talent without the additional cost and compliance worries, working with a professional and experienced employer of record is a great decision for any company. This is truly the best way to hire experienced employees anywhere in the world without the hassle of complex laws, benefits, taxes, or payroll issues.

Be Proactive in Your Searches

In case you already know you will be expanding and needing new employees in the future, it might be wise to start building ways of finding workers more easily now, to ensure greater success. For example, this can mean offering openings constantly, including an internship program, creating a database of good past applicants, or even staying active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

No matter what you choose to do, actively looking for professionals and experts that align with your company’s needs can drastically reduce the time needed to find top talent once a position opens up in your workplace that requires immediate filling.

Build a Better Company Culture

Entrepreneur talking with new employees on park bench
Entrepreneur talking with new employees on park bench

Job seekers are increasingly more selective in terms of the final choice of business they will work for. Before deciding on a company, potential employees now take aspects such as opportunities for career advancement, the workplace atmosphere, the attitude of colleagues and managers, as well as any community-based initiatives into account.

In order to attract the best possible talent, it’s advised to build a better company culture overall, one that focuses on openness, honesty, respect, support, and even fun. Apart from creating a more positive image of your company, such a culture could also help minimize the number of turnovers you experience in the first place.

In an increasingly competitive market, finding and retaining the best employees has never been so difficult. But simply by utilizing the helpful tips mentioned above, you can find talent more easily, and ensure the growth and success of your business.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.