We all have big plans when it comes to wanting to work for ourselves. We want something to call our own, see it become a big success, and get paid to do what we love. Although that sounds amazing, the true test comes in the form of these questions: What is our passion? What are our goals? To find the answers one must be ready to delve into self-reflection and self-care.

Self-reflection and self-care are two terms I learned throughout my studies in psychology. Self-reflections mean learning what motivates, excites, and fuels you. While self-care means making the time to appreciate, love, and understand yourself and the needs you have. So, how can one find their passion, goals, and self-care regime?

Delving Deep: 4 Critical Points

Entrepreneur diving deep underwater
Entrepreneur diving deep underwater

There has never been a better time to conquer the question above. The pandemic and a recent breakup of a four-year relationship has taught me the value of self-reflection and how I can utilize this journey to discover different aspects of my personal and professional life. I noticed while on my personal journey that I encountered four critical points that have helped me in the continuation of my journey.

  1. Be honest. Honesty comes from within and now is the time to own your stuff. You need to delve deep within yourself by asking emotionally charged self-reflection questions. Ex: What makes me the happiest in my professional life? Am I strong enough mentally and emotionally to own a business?
  1. Reflect on current situation. Do you love what you do? Do you want to have another successful career, or do you want out of this career?
  1. Reposition yourself. Once you have identified your passion and goals, write them down, and repeat them daily. You are speaking them into existence here.
  1. Start plans. One piece at a time. Begin to lay out the steps for your entrepreneurship plan. This could be several things depending on your plan type and personality. But a great start could be outlining your services on paper. Be specific on what you can and cannot provide your potential customers.

The Self-Care Regime Intro

Entrepreneur relaxing and practicing self-care in cafe
Entrepreneur relaxing and practicing self-care in cafe

You have conquered the first phase and I bet that was mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. I know it is for me each time I come back to those critical points. It is a continuous cycle that helps us grow into better professional and personal versions of ourselves. With that in mind, you must find time to refresh and recharge. That will not only bring new ideas to a plan or idea that has been stalled for some time, but it will also make you appreciate the progress and achievements you have conquered thus far.

Self-care can come in my many forms in activities such as date nights, spa days, shopping trips etc. Once you discover your special time, began to incorporate it into your life either daily, weekly, or monthly. Penciling in that precious one-hour event can make all the difference.

For example, my self-care regime consists of reading fiction novels, scheduling waxing sessions, and manicures/pedicures at my local nail salon. I also read daily. It is a peaceful getaway. The other activities are weekly, sometimes monthly. However, you decide to self-care is personal, just make sure you do it. It is magic and we all need magic.

Have any more tips for finding your passion and self-care? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.