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All our lives we have been told to never give up. If you fall, get back up and keep going. Quitting is for losers, and you are better than that. We’re taught to fight for our dreams and keep chasing them at any cost. While I agree to a certain extent, not everything in our life is worth fighting until death. There comes a time when you begin to question if you need to walk away. You could be walking away from a job, relationship, friendship, or project. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that you’ve done all that you could do before throwing in the towel. So, when should you quit? Find out with the help of these warning signs.

The 4 Warning Signs of When to Quit

Loss of Passion
Disinterested entrepreneur thinking about quitting
Disinterested entrepreneur thinking about quitting

Personally, this is the biggest sign there is. It works in any situation you see yourself in at the time. We often get into relationships, create projects, and chose a job based on the passion we feel. When that passion lessens or becomes non-existent, we can deduce that it is time to move in a different direction. Change is scary but necessary to expand our knowledge and skills.

The Stress Is Insurmountable
Stressed entrepreneur covering the face
Stressed entrepreneur covering the face

Stress is a part of life. Nothing worth having is easy, but when you find yourself stressed out every day with no silver lining, that is telling. For example, if you walk into work and immediately tense up or feel mentally drained, that’s a sign. If you are in a relationship/friendship and feel stressed when you talk to that person or find relief when you aren’t in communication, then there is your answer.

It Becomes a Chore
Don't quit sign with letters crossed out to say do it
Don’t quit sign with letters crossed out to say do it

You are going through the motions, much like when you do household chores. There is no real reason for you to continue, but it becomes so automatic that you don’t realize you are stuck.

Friends/Family Are Worried
Concerned wife speaking to an entrepreneur about quitting
Concerned wife speaking to an entrepreneur about quitting

The love and advice we receive from our friends and family are invaluable. We might not like all the advice they give us, but we know it comes from a good place. So, when they start to worry about our well-being and advise us that we need to quit or leave the situation, it might be worth listening to. They can see things we cannot because we aren’t being objective. Listen and then think about it. It could be the deciding factor in a new direction.

In the end, we never want to be seen as quitters, but there is an art to quitting. These four signs show us why the greatest achievement and strength can be in quitting. We find out what’s been holding us back from our future. Staying just to stay is counterproductive and we need to realize that sooner than later. So, when are you quitting?

What are some other warning signs you need to quit that you have noticed? Let us know down in the comments.

This article was originally published in GREY Journal.