Are you an owner of a small or a medium enterprise? Is your business growing, and you realized that it’s best to change locations? Then you’re in the right place. With proper tips, you can prepare for the period of chaos, disruption, and loss of productivity. The key is in planning everything right. If you wish to move your company with little-to-no business interruptions, take a look at our practical advice.

Be Sure That You’re Ready

Entrepreneur carrying box while relocating startup
Entrepreneur carrying box while relocating startup

Before you call a moving company and pack your office equipment in boxes, be completely sure that you’ve chosen the right timing. Moving a business is challenging and trying on the team, no matter how long they’ve worked with you. Business expansion is great news, but don’t let your vision be unrealistic. Talk to your employees, managers, and business partners, and see when would be the perfect time to move. Don’t forget about your customers—communicate with them as well and make sure you don’t lose anyone because of the relocation. This is the first step of having everything under control. Once you’re sure that you’ve chosen the right timing, everything else will be much easier.

Make This Move a Lot Less Challenging With the Right Organization

If you wish to be and stay well organized during this move and not to feel any consequences, start as early as possible. Depending on how big your business is, you might require three to eight months to prepare properly. Create a realistic timeline and follow it as the moving day approaches.

Work with your employees on that and have someone at each department to take care of what that team needs. They can be volunteers or someone that you’ve assigned to have that responsibility. They can also do a review of the current situation and identify some issues that you could have in the current office. Plan on having regular meetings where you can share what you’ve noticed, and don’t forget to follow up on each team member frequently—it will lower the level of stress among workers significantly. At those meetings, you can make a to-do list that will ease the relocation process.

Do You Have Enough Money for What You’re Planning?

The cost of renting or buying new space, the cross country moving of all of your equipment, setting up utilities, renovation or redesigning the office, buying new furniture, and so on, can be quite expensive. Make a budget and be sure that you have enough resources to pay for all that you plan on doing. Leave a bit extra on the side in case of emergency costs that you couldn’t have predicted. If you have the chance, negotiate to get the agreement that works best for you. Don’t just sign anything that your landlord gives you.

Also, moving your business is a great opportunity to do a good review of your finances and to cut down some unnecessary costs that you’ve been paying. This might also help you realize that you have some money that you didn’t count on, which will be a huge pro.

Know How to Choose a Reputable Company

Professional movers helping entrepreneur relocate business
Professional movers helping entrepreneur relocate business

This could be a crucial part of your relocation—don’t let an unprofessional company handle your valuable equipment. It’s essential to know how to choose a company. Shop around for quotes for a couple of weeks and when you find the offer you like the most, make sure you’re working with someone reliable. You can do that by checking out their reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or Better Business Bureau. If you see that the reviews aren’t fake and that there are almost all good experiences, book a move and be sure that you’re handing your items to someone who will relocate them without a hassle.

Experienced movers will pack all of your office equipment and furniture professionally and with high-quality materials so that nothing will get damaged along the way. Also, working with professional interstate movers means that you won’t get scammed or ripped off. It will be much more efficient than if you and your employees pack and move all the chairs, desks, computers, and other equipment by yourself. Take no risks and hire a company that has been on the market long enough and that offers you a service of office moving—there’s no better start.

What other advice do you have for relocating your business? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.