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Sales is an important part of every small business and the pace you set this quarter can set the tone for your entire year. If you struggle with sales, here are four easy ways to tweak your process, increase sales, and jumpstart your 2022 revenue.

1) Uncover the Need and Provide a Solution

Marketing team planning sales strategy

An important thing to remember is that each sale is different depending on who you’re selling to. With each new deal, you need to identify the specific needs of your prospect and bridge a gap to their desired outcome.

If you’re not solving the needs of your prospect, the likelihood of making the sale dwindles. On the other hand, if you can align your product/service with their needs, the odds skyrocket.

So the solution is simple: Be genuine, ask the right questions, and truly listen to their responses.

Use open-ended questions to uncover a need and dig deeper with at least 3 additional questions to find the why behind that need. Allow your prospect to do 75% of the talking as they will use that time to open up and reveal pain points you can help solve.

2) Create a Sense of Urgency

Businessman offering closing deal to customer

Creating urgency is a tactic we see all the time. For example, “Sale ends soon” and “Supplies are limited.” These phrases provide a sense of scarcity and a deadline. 

When you think about it, this tactic is effective because it all comes down to supply and demand. When supply is low, demand increases. Often companies will use FOMO (fear of missing out) in hopes of making a sale. And this method works! But when I say create a sense of urgency, it’s not always about making a sale right now; it’s about speeding up the decision timeline for your prospect.

To build urgency this way, follow this 3 step process:

  1. Help your prospects recognize their needs.
  2. Dig deeper. Make the conversation about them and their needs. You’d be surprised at the urgency you can create by allowing your prospect to come to their own conclusions.
  3. Be a problem solver. Communicate and share ideas on how to quickly resolve problems or address concerns.

This process will help create urgency without pushing the prospect into making a decision they’re not ready for.

3) Identify Common Objections

Customer expressing concern to business owner

Nothing can halt a sale faster than an objection you’re not prepared for.

Although every sales process is different, there are a handful of sales objections that you will see pop up time and time again. The best way to handle objections is to be prepared. Have a plan in place to identify common sales objections and build the right arguments to overcome them.

Look at objections as an opportunity. Objections are simply a request for more information. It signals the buyer is engaged. It means they’re listening, but they need to gather more data to determine a fit.

Often, objections will be based around need or trust. List out some of the objections or questions you hear (if you have a team pull from them as well) and try to solve with 2-3 separate statements for each. Pull testimonials and examples of past success to fuel your responses.

4) Stay Consistent with Follow Up

Business owner following up with customer on phone call

Sometimes the answer is no, and that’s okay. There are many reasons they could be turning you down, but the best thing you can do with a no is to get permission to follow up.

Statistics show your customers need multiple touchpoints to gain trust and awareness of your company. By consistently using follow up, you are more likely to contact them when they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Adding these tactics to your sales funnel will help you start closing more deals throughout 2022. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you need more help with your sales process, check out our blog on creating a scalable sales process.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.