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Scarcity has a big role in economics. Managing scarce resources and finding ways to maximize them is crucial for the economy to run efficiently. During this pandemic, a resource that has become increasingly scarce is space. Making the most of this scarce space can be difficult. Especially after feeling confined to smaller spaces for the past six months. With colder weather approaching, space will most likely be growing even scarcer. Finding new ways to maximize this resource can be a game-changer for personal and professional life. Emily Anthes, a science journalist, discusses with NPR some of the options people have. Here are 3 easy strategies to make the most of your space these next few months.

Invite Mother Nature Over

Bringing plants into your home and workspace has had endless proven benefits. Surrounding yourself with nature can reduce stress and anxiety. Nature can also boost immune systems. Additionally, focus and concentration both improve in settings where someone is surrounded by nature. Studies have shown it does not necessarily need to be real plants and nature that surrounds us. Instead, fake, or decoration, plants can have these same benefits. Produced sounds of nature and photographs prove worthy of helping us make the most of our space. Our senses pick up on the nature around us, or what appears to be nature, and it has an overall calming effect.

Consider Airflow

Daily activities, such as cooking and cleaning, have a way of affecting our airflow. Gas from stoves, oils from foods, and chemicals from cleaning products can seep into the air we breathe and act as pollution. It is important to consider this as we start to leave the house less and less. It can have serious long term health side effects and make one feel even more congested while already stuck at home. Turning on the exhaust fan or cracking a window while cooking can significantly help. Taking advantage of bathroom fans and, again, opening a window while cleaning will also help break up harmful chemicals. Investing in an exhaust window fan would be the next step to reassure your airflow is clean and healthy to breathe.

Create Different Micro-Environments and Workspaces

No two people are exactly the same. This means the way everybody works is bound to be different. As everyone has different tasks to complete for their job, establish places where you can complete different ones. Allow yourself to move around and not stick to one area throughout the day. Respond to emails at your desk. Work on an assignment standing up at your kitchen countertop with natural light coming through. Relax on the couch while you organize or read. Whatever works for you best, do not feel constricted to one place. Staying in one place for 8 hours in a day will make anybody go stir crazy. Making the most of the space you have is, of course, what the goal is.

Which of these strategies are you most excited to try in order to make the most of your space? Let us know in the comments!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.