Staying up to date with business trends will help you stay ahead of your competition. You must know what people want and what you can do to make your business as desirable as possible. Here are some business trends we saw pop up in 2023 and some we can expect to see in 2024.

2023 Business Trends and Ideas

Communities for entrepreneurs

So many entrepreneurs struggle with their interpersonal relationships and a sense of community. With the focus on technology rather than human interaction, there is likely going to be a rise in peer groups. They will be a place for entrepreneurs to connect with others who understand them on a deeper level.

The rise of AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being integrated into the business world more and more. They are transforming how we live and work and it is only becoming more popular by the day. Business processes are surely going to change because of this.

Smart office

The smart office market is going to reach $49.7 billion by 2024. A smart office is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things IoT). It allows you to control your lighting and HVAC systems. Some firms use smart meeting rooms and security. This is the way of the future. Soon enough, everyone will have a smart office.


It offers higher bandwidth and lower latency. Nearly all network companies have upgraded to this. With this upgrade comes concerns with data privacy and security. So, if you have any solutions, this is your opportunity to work it out.

The industry of organizers

Entrepreneurs have been inspired by Marie Kondo and are now starting their own organizing businesses. Though you do not need a degree for this kind of work, Marie Kondo offers a certification. Many of the entrepreneurs who are jumping on board with this business trend have created social media accounts for it.

Low code web apps

Building websites without a developer has been extremely popular since it peeked in 2018. It is much easier for entrepreneurs since most do not know raw code and do not have a Computer Science degree.

Email subscribers

While most people relied on SEO and social media for traffic, more people are turning back to email newsletters because they have full ownership over the mailing list. SEO is not sustainable and the social media algorithms have been significantly less helpful in recent years. Unless you are paying to promote your posts, social media is not the best way to reach an audience.


Whether it’s movie or music streaming, online classes, healthcare, or retail, the subscription-based model in businesses is gaining more and more popularity. Entrepreneurs want to get involved with this because it means a steady income.

Ethical marketing

The key here is to be as authentic as possible. Refrain from creating your brand simply to attract customers due to your appearance. You will definitely be called out and your brand will meet its demise much sooner than you have anticipated. Gender equality, environment-friendly policies, and better working conditions for employees are extremely important.

Personal protection equipment

With COVID here, and not going anywhere for at least three years, masks are needed now more than ever. Consider selling your own on Etsy.

Create internet content

Gamers, artists, comedians, and vloggers are all creating content online and sharing it via YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch. Monetized content on YouTube can generate enough money to become a full-time job for some creators and those on Twitch can make $3000 to $5000 per month.

Specific and customizable products

The niche markets. Vegan, LQBTQ+, remote workers, and environmentally conscious people are a few niche markets that are becoming stronger. Entrepreneurs should always look out for niche developments. It is highly competitive, but there are also opportunities here.

Sustainability is more sought after than ever

With the increase of conscious consumers, they are choosing businesses that pursue sustainability. Conscious consumers would rather pay more for clothes that last longer and do not harm the environment with their production. And this isn’t solely about clothes. All environment-friendly products and organic food are in high demand.

Customers want convenience

Mobile businesses mean that customers can relax at home and have the services come to them. Beauty services are perfect for this. Instead of having to wait for a manicure, the manicurist travels to them for immediate service. Food trucks, junk removal, and cleaning services are other ideas for a mobile business. All you need are great communication skills and authenticity.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.