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It is not news that the coronavirus has hurt a lot of people this year. But something that is not talked about enough is the issue of finance and how it is affecting nearly two-thirds of households in the United States. People across the nation have had to deal with coming up short on payments or be at risk of getting evicted or worse, and the virus is all to blame.

A lot of the people who get infected not only have to deal with the struggle of having the virus, but have to manage their lives in the workplace and, for some, as parents. Blake Farmer with Morning Edition, “Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Households Struck By COVID-19 Face Financial Trouble,” interviews a lady named Elizabeth who had to deal with being a victim of COVID-19. Her and her husband got infected and couldn’t work, leaving her and her family in a tough financial situation. After not receiving the governments stimulus check and not receiving pay while she was under quarantine, Elizabeth had a hard time staying on her feet. And it turns out that she is not alone in this. Nearly 55% of households in the United States report financial problems because of the coronavirus and it isn’t getting any better. Alongside that, people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 have struggled to find jobs again. Being out of an income and having to deal with getting infected with the virus has cause panic in a lot of people. 

With most of the nation having financial problems in the course of this pandemic, it is hard to say if or when people will be able to feel secure in the way they have before. But until we can, just know if you’re going through any financial problems, you’re not alone and you can get through this.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.