Top Health Insurance for College Students in 2021

For college students, health insurance isn't a luxury. It's a requirement. Unfortunately, it's also difficult to navigate and even harder to find the right policy. If you're like most college students, you want the best plan possible that still meets the requirements of your school. If your parents' insurance covers...

Biometric Time Clock: The Definitive Guide for Small Business Owners

Biometric time tickers might seem like something out of a sci-fi film or a tragic novel, yet they're more or less genuine. On account of the advances of present-day innovation, entrepreneurs can now screen their representatives' appearance and takeoff times utilizing fingerprints rather than punch cards. A biometric fingerprint is...

Monopolies – A Growing Problem in Today’s America?

Over a century ago, in the last decades of the nineteenth century, the United States enjoyed a period known today as the Gilded Age. Great fortunes were made and lost, and America rapidly ascended to become the preeminent industrial power in the western world. During those critical years, four industries...

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