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Who is Aaron Filous?

Aaron Filous is the Founder and CEO of Promotable, a flexible service which is reducing the analytical talent gap by delivering education solutions that empower data enabled career opportunities.

Making Data Driven Decisions

Aaron Filous CEO of Promotable
Aaron Filous CEO of Promotable

According to Aaron, projections state there will be over 2.7 million jobs next year that will require data analysis. With rapidly increasing roles in data analysis and product management, there are not enough people with the appropriate skills to fill these positions. Promotable allows full-time employees and employers to obtain these skills through online education or in person workshops.

What makes Promotable different is that they only hire experienced practitioners to teach others in their industry. They focus exclusively on training working professionals to achieve the skills they need in order to succeed in today’s data driven economy. Promotable’s main goal is to help companies thrive by making data driven decisions and bridge the analytical talent gap.

Empowering People Through Data

Aaron considers himself a business junkie who reads The Financial Times for fun. His parents taught him to always do the right thing and to take every experience, good or bad, as a learning experience. He has carried that mentality with him throughout his life and still follows their advice today.

After attending UCLA and Georgetown University, Aaron moved to San Francisco to work at a coding boot camp. He spent several years in education technology where he started noticing glaring flaws in programs. Whether they were too costly or required people to relocate, most programs were inaccessible to people. With the demand for data analytical jobs skyrocketing, finding people with the skills necessary to fill these roles was becoming increasingly difficult. Finally, Aaron decided it was time for these programs to change.

In 2018, Promotable was founded as an educational service to help people become self sufficient. They offer an intro to Python programming, data analytics, and product management classes. All courses are made to work around their clients’ schedules. By leveraging practical hands-on skills-based education, Promotable hopes to continue helping companies save money and reduce their analytics talent gap.

Closing the Data and Analytics Gap

Aaron Filous working on laptop
Aaron Filous working on laptop

Since its conception, Promotable has run eight cycles and has enrolled clients from several top companies. When they first started off, Aaron admits he wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in their services. Now that he has witnessed all the opportunities within the space and received positive feedback from alumni, it’s clear he made the right decision. “It’s an exciting time to be in ed-tech.”

In addition to running his own business, Aaron is a contributor to many publications. He has written several pieces on data analysis education, including why all entrepreneurs should learn data. Discover more of his writing here.

What Keeps Him Up at Night?

“Making sure everything runs smoothly and that we continue to add value for every participant in our courses.”

What is Aaron’s GREY Style?

This article was originally published on GREY Journal.