Recognized as an international success around the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland and Canada, Amber Goldhammer continues to stun the world with her beautiful and innovative artwork. Best known for her signature style which features bold 3D and vibrant compositions, her art is admired by many around the world.

Amber didn’t begin her art journey right away. It wasn’t until later in her life when she finally realized she was meant to be an artist. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Amber’s artistic talent began in the performing arts. She began choreographing her own gymnastic routines and became a State Champion two years in a row. Due to injuries that left her unable to compete in gymnastics, Amber shifted her artistic talents to different mediums. Her grandmother encouraged her to explore artistic outlets such as painting, photography, sewing, and jewelry making. This is where Amber’s love for art progressively grew.

Before Amber began creating her iconic artwork, she worked at MAC Cosmetics in Los Angeles which allowed her to artistically express herself through makeup. Working at MAC Cosmetics allowed her to use her creative talent in a new way while also helping other women feel beautiful through her makeup art. Amber eventually shifted her career and contacted Rassouli, founder of the iconic Fusion Art movement which is a combination of Eastern mysticism and Western art techniques. Through the mentorship of Rassouli, Amber began to develop a sense of what she wanted to include in her paintings and was able to freely express her emotions through her work. Goldhammer detailed that “When I felt that I really had something special to share, I began knocking on gallery doors” this is where her journey into the art world began.

Amber Goldhammer

Once Goldhammer began to develop her own artistic style, her exemplary work started to be featured everywhere from hotels to TV series and in the homes of iconic collectors including Graeme Hart, Allison Scarinzi, Peter Dodd, Katie Lowes, and Kevin Hart. “In more subliminal works, I write hidden messages of love, but my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of happiness”, shares Goldhammer. Through her vibrant and unique paintings, Goldhammer’s special mission is to spread the ever-important message of love and hope to the world. Incorporating and experimenting with pigments, powders, and waxes with mixed mediums and processes, love and joy remain at the forefront of her work.

Her latest heart-warming series “I Love You”, draws inspiration from the colors of the South California ocean which she details “I get to take in the essence of the ocean every day, which fuels my creativity and brings me peace”. Amber hopes that her street murals can positively impact others and connect them with her art. Living by four words of advice “Paint like a child”, this phrase has guided Goldhammer throughout her life, laying the foundation for her extremely successful career in the art world.

Currently living in Santa Monica, California, Amber’s journey is just beginning. Having worked with large hotel groups including Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group and STRAT Hotel, Goldhammer’s art has been featured across hotel rooms and also in the tallest observation tower in the United States. It is clear that the sky’s no limit for Goldhammer as she and her art continue to shine bright.

Her art has also been featured in popular TV series such as “Million Dollar Listing”, “Being Mary Jane”, “The Catch”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, Netflix’s “G.L.O.W.” and “Scandal”. Leader of casting and audition software, Casting Networks was so impressed by Amber’s art and had her create a mural covering entire offices in eight of their locations worldwide. Most recently, iconic fashion designer Isabel Marant was so in love with Goldhammer’s work that Amber’s art is featured in Marant’s latest Spring 2021 Runway Collection and Vogue. Her most recent works will be featured in JOEY Restaurant, one of Manhattan Beach’s newest restaurants this upcoming month. Having already accomplished so much and established herself in the art world, 2021 is just the beginning for Goldhammer.