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Coming from over to New York and in the process of planting your own flag is never an easy task. Kui-Fang Tseng has stepped into the entertainment circuit and seems at home with all its facets. In her native Taiwan, she was an actor, singer, dancer, teacher, and hospital clown. She has brought all those disciplines to America with great anticipation.

“Drama and theater are powerful media to me. As a performer and a storyteller, I really love the process of working with a group of people and building a story together. And through our works, we can give messages to the audience, and then we will receive feedback and reaction from them as well. I often obtain lots of thoughts and energy after I watch a show or any kind of performance.

Hoping to bring strength and share more stories to people is the motivation that I keep chasing my dream in the field I have chosen.”

Kui-Fang Tseng

She graduated from the Department of Drama and Theater, National Taiwan University, majoring in Acting. She became certified as a hospital clown which is not so many words a profession that which specially trained clowns perform customized impromptu performances in medical and nursing facilities. The mission of a hospital clown is to lift patients’ moods with the positive power of hope and humor. Also, to release the stress for the medical staff and families of patients. She was associated with the Dr. Rednose Association which is the most prestigious one in Asia. Learn more at

In 2017, she furthered her studies by obtaining a diploma from the Steps on Broadway IISP Program. She also managed to be honored with a certificate of GYROKINESIS® method and become a certified    GYROKINESIS® instructor. Both the GYROKINESIS® Method (on the mat and chair) and the GYROTONIC® Method (with equipment) is an original and unique movement method invented by Juliu Horvath that coordinate movement, breath, and mental focus. This unique method has also attracted notable names like pro golfers Tiger Woods and Mark Wilson Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Liv Tyler, and Julianne Moore. Ms. Tseng took part in productions like “Rooftop Zoo 3 Unfinished Wish”, which is the most popular children’s musical in Taiwan. Even more notable is the musical “Mulan” in which she held a crucial role and was revised four separate times which included a tour in Singapore for two months. Ms. Tseng was also the lead actor/dancer in the music video “Siguete Moviendo” by artist Jorge Alberto in New York. The video was directed by Award-winning TV Producer Jose Iorio and viewership for the project hit over 43,000 as of this writing.

Currently, she was granted a three-year offer as the Artist-in-Residence in Taiwan Center NY. It is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the U.S. serving Taiwanese community members through several cultural, artistic, community, and educational activities and programs that serve to introduce and promote Taiwan and Taiwan American culture. She will be participating in upcoming shows and events throughout the year. In the meantime, she is looking toward new auditions and other productions. Ms. Tseng is shining bright in New York and only wishes to share her love for the arts with all levels of society as she grows as an artist.