It is without a doubt that when you combine beauty and talent it’s a great recipe. Lizzie Blazquez embodies both elements. Lizzie, who from a young age, learned to play the guitar and then later started writing songs, got into the Music business to see where it would take her. She began working on lyrics that would showcase her skill at songwriting. This combination would carry her into what she has become.

As she put herself out there in the music scene her popularity began to grow. Performing at various venues in the New York area people began to become familiar with her style and music. Lizzie’s talent was also recognized by local and international press outlets. She had the honor of being featured on such shows as CNN, Telemundo, NY1 News, and more. Her music is a fusion of Pop, R&B, and EDM, and she is always exploring and experimenting with new sounds and styles to bring into her music.  She has managed to develop lyrics that cross all these genres which makes her more marketable. Her music has been aired on stations like WBON-98.5 FM/La Fiesta, WCWP-88.1 FM and OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio.

So far, she has released tracks like “Tanto de Nada”, which aired on the Latin Music Network HTV. One of her top music videos is “Deep Inside Of Me” which garnered 730k plus views. It must be noted that she sings not only in English but in Spanish and also Italian.

“I loved being on both CNN and Telemundo. But on CNN I had more interaction with people who contacted me on Twitter (Called X now) and on all my other social media platforms because of the interview, so it was fun that people liked my music and were so supportive and remembered me from my music video that was aired on the very well-known HTV Music Channel.”

Recently, Lizzie has performed at the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy, many Fashion shows, and beauty pageants. Currently, her new single “CSTAY” dropped on September 13th on all platforms where music is heard and sold i.e., Spotify, Apple, etc. The new track has emotional and personal strings attached, with a seductive sound that will pull anyone into its web. 

“This song is very different in style and genre, it’s a very simple song and not complicated, and it’s about how I felt like the need to communicate with this person, but I was like nervous to communicate, and I was denying my feelings, instead of embracing the good feelings…and that it’s not Good, because it can turn negative. But then, when I did speak to him, I felt happy and good, so the lesson is, instead of doubting, choose faith and the good feelings of a good friendship and communication, even if you were mistreated in the past, try to give yourself another chance.” 

Lizzie has proven she can be versatile in her delivery and her music. She is growing more every step she takes in the music scene. To keep abreast of her music, check her links below.