It has become evident that in the past few years that indie films have made a mark in the film world, and many have benefited from the technology that has offered filmmakers the opportunity to expose their art. Gal Yefet happens to be one of those individuals. His inspiration first came from a silent Charlie Chaplin film when he was taken in by how a story was told with no audio. The seed was planted then and would manifest itself where he would be producing his own work.

Since taking on this journey he has acted, directed, produced, and was even a dancer. Yet since then, he has gravitated more toward directing actors than acting himself. So far, he has produced many shorts and videos from 2016 till the present, with winnings and nominations in film festivals and competitions around the world. Recently he has been busy working with the company Playtika a digital gaming giant. The company has done productions in the US, Mexico, the Bahamas, the UK, and Australia. His work there was primarily on producing promotional video content for their PR department and VIP users. Gal had the opportunity to work with Golden Globe winner Drew Barrymore and Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Laurence Fishburne with Playtika.

“My relationship with Playtika started over two years ago. I was recommended to producer Jenny Kavit to join her on a production for a major client in the gaming industry. It was a pilot for a promotional product on a very large scale, with over 200 people flying into Los Angeles from across the US, plus additional guests flying in from Europe, Australia, and the middle east. Working on this production during 2021 brought incredible opportunities, and following the success, I was able to sign contracts and build partnerships with larger clients in the industry. My Journey with Playtika has been extra special to me especially because it demonstrated the impact I made during my time in Los Angeles, an impact that lasted even after I moved back to New York.”

He also had the pleasure of working with Mark Rapaport and actors Eliza and Eric Roberts, and Lila Kizlinger on an upcoming feature “Hippo” which is in post-production. That project was a big step for Gal as he worked with the head of the electrical department, Mark Yancey who has worked with director Scott Copper on the film “The Pale Blue Eye” starring Christian Bale, and Robert Tinnel’s $20M Heartland International Film Festival winning feature, “Feast of the Seven Fishes”. The one responsible for linking him up with Playtika was another filmmaker Rotem Alima. On the producing end, he is working on the film titled “The Psychic” which has many twists and turns by filmmaker extraordinaire Anna Maués’ this will be her feature directorial debut with production scheduled to begin in January 2025.

Gal is always looking to expand his horizons creatively. This would be the case when he began working on a project for Darakwon, a leading publishing company in South Korea. The company specializes in the English language. He partnered up with the company All That Group along with producer Jeongwon Lee and developed 200 episodes which entailed over 200 locations and 80 cast members. When it comes to being a producer there are always pitfalls and obstacles. Gal has been trying to keep a reasonable schedule. 

“It is very tempting to fill up my schedule with as many projects as I’m offered, but I often must remind myself that it is just as important to also schedule rest and days off. As a producer, it is also important for me to remind myself that alongside the importance of producing the peoples’ and my clients’ stories, it is as important to also produce my own stories and to tell my side of the tale. This is why I am hoping that at least in the next 3 years I will be able to dedicate my career to combining and producing my material alongside others.”

Last year, Gal had the opportunity to work with the famous TV personality in Israel, Assi Azar. He was offered to produce a documentary feature for Keshet the largest media group in Israel. He came on board to produce a documentary in co-production with Kastina Communications, and Rotem Alima Productions, with distribution by Keshet. The film follows a couple’s journey of becoming a father and a father and features moving testimonials of the second-time surrogate and her husband, the second-time egg donor, and the happy first-time parents. It brings up cultural and moral conflicts, the desire to become a parent, and eventually presents the structure of a happy, modern family. Gal has progressed in multiple ways in the film business and is only looking ahead to more promising projects.