Kareem Hayes is known by the moniker Inf the Author. He is an award-winning screenwriter and self-published author. Independently he sold over 150,000 units of his two-book series Necessary Evil. Growing up in the gritty streets of New York City, Inf has been through more than his share of hardships. Fortunately, Inf was able to transcend these issues with his love for art and entrepreneurship. 

Currently Inf the author is heavy into cryptocurrency investing with a passion for financial inclusivity. Determined to position himself and his community at the forefront of Web 3 tech. As an artist himself working on multiple film projects. 

There’s a place where tech, art, and finance meet and that place is the future of all business. Inf is that future and he expresses it to the world through his many film, art, and finance. 

Currently, Inf is involved with the writing and production of two major film projects.

What’s the most important lesson you learned from your childhood?

That character is found in adversity, not comfort.

Inf the Author

What was your first job? What did you learn from your first job?

My first job was actually an entrepreneurial endeavor. I was living with my grandfather in Peach County Georgia. I needed extra money at the age of 10. So I’d wake up every day and take the garbage out for everyone on his street. For a dollar a door. I learned that consistency is key. Doing your diligence and being on time means a lot to the people you serve. And sometimes you might have to get a little dirty if you truly want to reach your goal.

What was the problem you set out to solve when you started your venture?

The biggest problem I see is financial inclusion in public schools we don’t grow up learning essential life skills. Like managing money, credit, and overall financial literacy. And now with the inflation of the US dollar coupled with the rise of Web3, Defi, NFTs, etc. The gap between the haves and have-nots will widen. The gaps between the informed and uniformed will grow into a chasm of rug pulls & fraudulent promises.  And anyone who isn’t familiar with digital banking and web3 will be lost.

 I’m an independent author who self-published over 150,000 copies of my book Necessary Evil, a cautionary story based on some of my experiences. I plan on boarding my community by informing my community.  But now it’s time to also show my community how to do it. And how blockchain tech can facilitate this. Educating marginalized communities on tech, art and their place of convergence is my passion. I come from a marginalized community myself the first step is leading by example.

So now together with my partners Hodge Cinema & Knights Dao exchange, we are building the infrastructure. We are launching Film/Media & NFT consultant firm. Focused on bringing education and opportunity to otherwise under-serviced neighborhoods.

What was your biggest challenge when starting your business?

 The biggest adversity I dealt with was being an independent author with no real backing. 7 years ago I took on the arduous task of selling my book hand to hand. And with the perfect mixture of stubbornness and determination, I went to every urban metropolis on the east coast. Jamaica ave south side Jamaica Queens. Then I would go to 125th street in Harlem. Eventually Philly, Boston, and even Atlanta. And that’s really how I got my work out there I refused to take “No” for an answer. It was difficult at first, but in those years of dealing with the public face to face, I built a fortitude. My greatest competition is myself.

What has been your biggest success or failure in recent memory? How did that make you feel?

 I can’t say I’ve had failures I’ve had a lot of lessons. Each lesson made me a better person and a better entrepreneur. Working with NFT projects you get to see firsthand who’s serious and who’s not and just doesn’t care bout the culture. But yes I’ve learned a lot. But to answer the question my biggest success was becoming a film producer for Hodge Cinema! It was just so organic and then becoming the first urban brand ambassador for KnightsBridge exchange I just feel blessed.

What has been your biggest win in recent years?

Man, so many wins actually but just really blossoming in this WEB3 space. Having my film directed by Jamal Hodge multi-award-winning director. Being a respected professional in this blockchain, Crypto World. I landed a seat on the board of this super NFT project called “E3 Heroes” merging social media and e-commerce on the blockchain. Also the tokenization of my whole Necessary Evil brand including books, film, music, and gaming. Just a lot of great things happening in my life right now I feel truly blessed.

What’re you most excited about for your venture in the next few years?

I’m excited to see all the projects I’m a part of getting off the ground! And as an author getting to see my written works come to life through cinema. But more importantly, I’m excited to see my brand on the blockchain utilizing Web 3 technology and expanding. Connecting the urban community with all the advanced technology that has been emerging. The idea that I can be a catalyst to raise awareness, well that’s a true accomplishment.

In what ways do you give back to the community? Why is it important for you?

Well, I have a seat on the board of “Harlem Crypto Dao” which is a web 3-related community that gathers to meet every two weeks. Collectively we focus on bringing web3-based information to under-serviced communities. As an individual, I work with a number of non for profits such as Jamaica Queens Cultural Collaborative where the focus is reaching out to minority-owned small businesses and disenfranchised youth in the Jamaica Queens Area. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

BUY LAND, Build a house, BUY a lot of BITCOIN, BUY a lot of Eth, study finance, you don’t have to dumb yourself down to fit in.

Forgiving is a selfish act so be very selfish.

Inf the Author

Does anyone you want to thank through your journey as an entrepreneur?

That’s a lot of people but I cut it down to make it short.

My Father for teaching me discipline. My Mother for teaching me patience and restraint. Laura Vural my 10th-grade poetry teacher for being the first person to believe in me as a writer. Jamal Hodge, I appreciate him because he taught me two things. 1. There’s a difference between a Team & a WolfPack. 2. He taught me to how to elevate my skill set from the street to the executive office. And finally, my wife Natasha Hayes for being my rock and always believing in me. The one person that will help me lick my wounds and armor up for another battle.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers that we didn’t ask?

Make sure you purchase my two-book series Necessary Evil and Necessary Evil volume2  by Kareem Hayes. My website is my name dot com Kareem Hayes dot com. Following the movement, I’m a multi-medium media Artist and Web 3 enthusiast. Find me on Instagram @inftheauthor for books & @infcryptonft for blockchain fun info! Let me leave you with my three quotes.  “complexity is no evidence of intellect.” “Happiness is a choice” “Water wears down rock”

And make sure that whatever you do you lead with love.

🙏🏽 kareemhayes.com