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From a young child, Thalia Alexiou always knew she had a gift for understanding things others took for granted. That specific understanding was the energies our body and soul contain and how to tap into them to feel more whole. When she tried Reiki for the first time is when she realized the healing powers of energy.  Thalia learned that every organ has its own psychology and if we treat them as an individual then we can become whole again. She earned her Master Teacher certification under Dr. Lorraine Opsitos and is certified in Holistic Psychology at the United Reiki Association (1998).

The desire to understand and dig deep into this process was triggered by the loss of her father to pancreatic cancer. At that point, she made it her business to delve into this type of work. In turn, she began treating cancer patients to help her ease her own understanding and pain from losing my father at the age of 41. One key part of her healing process is called one’s “inner doctor”. The inner doctor means we all know we are our own doctors and if we acknowledge the problem and be honest with ourselves, for instance, if you have a hate for someone it will eat you alive, but if you are honest and acknowledge then that inner doctor takes over and makes you stronger and happier and healthier and open new doors and opportunities. As the Ancient Greeks said, “A healthy mind creates a healthy body.” That’s the inner doctor.

“I was working with one of my clients, a doctor’s wife, who found out she had cancer while she was pregnant. When her husband brought her to me, she was in the last stages of her life. Through all her pain, she still wanted to be around to see her little girl go to school. And our journey together was to teach her how to heal through transcendental meditation, Reiki and the Methodology of Gratitude, which I created through her, she lived exactly seven years more after.”

Besides working on assisting others cope Thalia also had a deep love and appreciation for the arts. Even though as a young lady she was discouraged by her mother to ever enter the arts since it was corruptible. She used to write scripts and have the local kids be a part of her shows. Yet she did study Theater in Greece in a Home Economic school funded by Queen Frederica. Her theater teacher was Yiorgos Monastiriotis and there she learned Greek traditional dancing and cultural history.

Thalia would publish two books a self-improvement workbook entitled “Gratitude=Increase” (2016), and “49 Years After”. The latter was based on her life story which was co-written with Dr. Michael Kokkinaris and Petra Terzi. After completing these two accomplishments Thalia was only getting started on expanding her skills. She would follow these up with two short films based on her book called “Above Limits” (2017) and “The Gifted” (2018). The films won awards within the festival circuit as well as an NYWIFT screening at Anthology Films. Thalia would become an active member of NYWIFT in May 2017. 

She would join fellow artists John Lant and Patricia De Jesus and create the company Trinity Theatrics in New Jersey. The company offered the opportunity to oversee the creative processes as well as producing, writing, and managing various film, theatrical, and animation projects. There are a few projects that Trinity Theatrics are working on like “Through Athena’s Eyes” (Series), “The Therapist” (Series), “The Zoe Chronicles” (Animation Short Series), “It’s All Greek to Me” (Tv Talk Show), “ARI’O” (Broadway Musical), “Utopia: An Adult’s Fairytale” (a black and white feature film), and a Book Series Based on Holistic Therapist Thalia Alexiou’s teachings. The company has been operating for three years and has been successful.

Thalia is an extraordinary woman who has not slowed down in any way on her continuous journey to heal and entertain the masses.