There are times in one’s life that you need to make your own way and sometimes it works out better than not depending on anyone but yourself. This was the case for the stunning and talented Criss Marron. For a time, she was under a label that unfortunately turned out to be a “bad marriage” and Criss had to move on. Her music and style are a mix of Latin and R&B. She has been influenced by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Black Eye Peas, and Celia Cruz. Her family was also musically inclined by her mother and grandfather. After venturing off on her own after the departure from the label she has moved on with a new album entitled “CRISTINA” which was released in June of 2022 with 12 slamming tracks, the title is derived from her second name and the name of her mother.

“Regarding the lyrics, I guess the album is a mix of stories that either belong to my life experience or to one of my friend’s life experiences, but it is all based on real experiences that we can all identify with on a daily basis.”

The struggles Criss went through while under the label were hard to explain. She went through bouts of depression, sadness, and frustration until she found the strength to carry her own weight without them. The liberty she found has now offered her the freedom to RELEASE the music she creates and share it with the world whenever she wants and on her own terms and in the process, she had educated herself in the business of making music and sharing it with the world. Prior to her embarking on this journey the pandemic hit and stalled her project. After it was over another issue came into play which would open a different door for her.

In her native Cuba after the pandemic, the nation was suffering politically, and her mother was a strong advocate against the issues plaguing the country. Criss had to find a way to move her to America which she eventually did. After bringing her mother over she had to find a way to survive and discovered her love for cooking. She eventually became a chef for a catering company. This only opened the possibility to return to her music which was her first love.

“I was lucky to find another way to start again and finally help my mother and myself to be financially stable, but still I can tell music is my number one passion and way to express myself and not having time to make it as much as I wanted hurts sometimes.”

After securing herself and her mother she returned to music as she planned to. She will be releasing new music this coming May of 2023. The first track will be out on all digital platforms as of May 12th which will be a fusion of Spanglish and RnB and a lot of sexy vibes. On the heels of the first release will be a second track out by the end of May which will be a perfect feel for a sunny ride to the beach. Criss is taking control of her own destiny when it comes to music and for sure will surprise many.