On October 3rd I had the pleasure to speak with author and energy healer, Marla Goldberrg. Within a few minutes of the conversation I experienced the welcoming and strong being that she is. Her journey was nothing short of challenging, yet she found her resilience and intuition and tuned into it. Her thunderous relationship that ended in divorce was everything she needed to lead her to the success she has attracted.

So, tell me a bit of your backstory and how it catapulted you into the world of energy healing.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family without much guidance or support. I thought I was making good decisions, but they did not serve me well. The last decision I made that did not serve my highest good was marrying my ex-husband who was a commodities broker. He had two children and when he proposed I thought, “I can help them.” I wanted to give them a second chance. His children were rather underdeveloped and struggling and I took them to family therapy to help them.

My ex-husband was not willing to give up alcohol and stayed at a halfway house. Seven years into the marriage, I hit rock bottom, becoming more and more depressed. It was January 2003 when I experienced severe chest pains and thought I was having a heart attack. I tried to wake him up, but it wasn’t working, so I drove myself to the hospital. He showed up with his children later on and they only stayed for about 15 minutes. When I went back home, I spiraled down a deep depression.

Marla Goldberg entrepreneur and energy healer
Marla Goldberrg energy healer

I saw a woman’s conference in Evanston, Illinois that was going to speak about how to heal yourself. I thought it was perfect. I felt like nothing I did was working and this would hopefully help me. I met the speaker and everything she said resonated with me. There was a Milwaukee conference and four-day basic training and I went to them. I was worried that my intuition wasn’t working, but I wound up having a psychic experience on the first day of basic training. I was a receiver in one of the exercises and I was given information. I went on to the second module and Jesus Christ kept coming up. It was odd to me because I was raised Jewish, but I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious person. Three years of classes taught me 14 modalities.

My divorce went on for three years, going from his way to my way. The final day I received 95% more of what the bench judge suggested. I was always a serial entrepreneur and I was always successful. When I started to fail, I thought it was weird. I was traveling with my current husband and when I was sleeping, I heard a voice say, “you need to start a practice.” I always said I would use what I learn just on friends and family, yet I moved to full time practice.

What services do you offer?

I offer five services which are Chinese face reading, space clearing, SRT, guided spirited conversation, and intuitive life coaching.

What exactly is Chinese face reading?
Colorful close up of woman's face reading energy healing session
Colorful close up of woman’s face

Chinese face reading stems from traditional Chinese medicine. By analyzing the facial features and where they are placed, it shows personality characteristics and patterns where you’re making the same mistakes. I combine your birth date number with this to get powerful information or proclivities why you might do something.

The forehead shows your 20s, the upper forehead shows the upper 20s, and the mid to lower forehead shows the mid 20s to the late 20s. The lines show the lessons you learned. Eyes are about the 30s and how much you processed, whether the eyes are wide open, or half shut. Scars and moles are something to look out for. Dark moles are not as positive as light moles. Right earlobes show your early life from zero to 7 while the left earlobe shows 8 to 13 years old. A Chinese face reading can tell me if there have been stresses or bumps in the road, if you’re not supported, and if you’re family orientated.

Do you have any rituals to cleanse yourself before or after working with a client?

Before I see a client, I clear what might be between myself and the client. Afterwards I crosscheck and make sure I am clear (of the client’s energy). I also put an energetic shower above my doorways to remove any negativity or unwanted energy I may have picked up. It would be like walking into the house with dirty shoes.

And your book My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to A Shorter Path?

It’s partial self-help and partial memoir. I had a psychic tell me I’m going to write a book. I started to write in North Carolina, and I didn’t have a specific focus. I kept writing and when I went back to read it, it was all about my life.

I added what I call the TTTs—tips tool and techniques—to the back of the book. If I would’ve known about them previously, it would’ve changed my circumstances. My ultimate goal for this book and with my services is to help others shorten their path to become happy and abundant.

Do you think programming has something to do with many of us not becoming abundant?

Yes. The programming is what holds us back. We hear about “god fearing people” and “money isn’t everything.” I help people get through all of the blocks to what I like to call the sweet spot that is self-love. The tools I give help people heal body image and forgive themselves. Grandparents, parents, friends, and media play a role in the blocks to self-love. Learning to accept curves and height and how you look whether it’s different or not different from celebrities or supermodels.

And many of us have a hard time forgiving, but we receive freedom and release by doing so. When we make a mistake, we tend to hold onto it. Forgiving oneself is important instead of degrading yourself. Learn from the mistakes and move on.

By not hanging on to it and forgiving, we find the gift relies in releasing the burden.

Are there any upcoming events or projects we should look out for?

I’m working on a webinar class that should be ready by early next year. I host a weekly podcast called Guided Spirit Conversations where I bring guests on and we answer live questions every Thursday at noon (Eastern time). The podcast offers people tips and techniques they can incorporate into their lives. I’m developing a Summit for the collective consciousness as well as a submission in a compilation book The Kindness Crusader. There is also a project in the works that I cannot speak about yet.

The last life-changing tip from Marla Goldberrg is we have to work on ourselves to heal. Once we get triggered, we can replay all of it and by changing our thought process we heal ourselves.

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