The information age has introduced people to several kinds of changes and advancements. From accepting technological advances to corporate sectors’ requirements, we have been well-informed through the internet and word of mouth. However, if there’s one thing that makes the current generation stand apart is the tendency to embrace and accept drug culture and entrepreneurship. Either we are quite smart compared to the previous generation or a bit foolish, but the fact is, we represent the 21st century and what it brings with it.

These days, nearly everyone wants to become a successful entrepreneur and that’s where marijuana, more colloquially known as “weed” has played a significant role. There have been names like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, and Michael Bloomberg, all of whom smoked in their prime days; also Elon Musk, who happens to be a massive fan of Burning Man, ended up producing a significant amount of ideas there. And, know that nobody’s sober at Burning Man. The influences of weed culture are such that you will come across several reputed names who not only smoked pot but benefited from it in a creative sense.

Here are five definitive ways smoking pot can improve your entrepreneurship.

Weed Can Help You Relax.

An entrepreneur smoking a joint
An entrepreneur smoking a joint

People in many Asian countries have religiously and traditionally used marijuana for health to alleviate anxiety, pain, and depression. Not only does the natural substance interact with your brain, but it also produces soothing effects along with a sense of euphoria, which, in turn, keeps you calm. A Harvard study has stated that weed can alleviate anxiety and help you stay calm.

Entrepreneurship often brings a handful number of challenges that can usually get out of sorts. So, while you suffer from the entrepreneur blues, get a vape, take a hit, or light a jay to relax and unwind. But, before that, ensure all your work and meetings are in place. And, if you are experiencing racing thoughts on how to get your hands on some of the best weed-infused products, check out an online weed store.

Weed May Give Way to Creativity.

Ideas and brand-new concepts are paramount factors that can thrive and grow an organization. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to be creative in every sense, unorthodox means of implementation are your answers. In simple words, you can not get enough of creativity while working on a business module. A study by the Psychology Times shows that weed can boost an individual’s abstract thinking and ideas. Enjoying the jay under a recommended dosage can help you look for creative ideas.

As someone new, you might be thinking about how weed can make a difference. The natural supplement interacts with the brain receptors and produces mind-altering effects that let you deviate from reality. Such a process gives your mind a free space to think of new ways and concepts that might come in handy.

Weed Can Give Way to Instinctive Decisions.

An entrepreneur holding a joint
An entrepreneur holding a joint

Instincts can be right or wrong, depending on how you cater to or accommodate them. You might often adhere to your instincts or overthink whether to follow them or keep them in bed. Smoking pot generally simplifies situations for you and reduces the buzzing amid the brain, which, in turn, provides you with more headspace. The effects of weed can put you in tune with your personality without thinking of the implications and complications the decision might get. There’s an old saying, ‘If entrepreneurs won’t trust their instincts, who will?.’

Weed May Provide Different Ways to Communicate.

Communication is indispensable when it comes to pitching, building relations, and thriving. However, cannabis can significantly help the cause. When the substance communicates with your brain receptors, the connection allows you to stay calm and suppresses overthinking. Such a process gives way to fluent verbal accuracy and communication. In a way, weed helps you articulate a specific situation.

Weed Can Keep Your Trim.

An entrepreneur holding a weed leaf
An entrepreneur holding a weed leaf

Many would not believe this, but weed can affect your weight management. Since weight is directly proportional to a healthy metabolism, sound sleep, lower stress levels, and several other factors, the natural supplement can affect all these. It communicates with the cannabinoid receptor 1, which plays a vital role in food intake and metabolism. Entrepreneurs seldom have all the time to exercise and work out. However, weed does not replace exercising but can keep slim while working in front of the screen all day long.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurs tend to take everything seriously when it comes to running a business and sustaining it for ages. This process can either make you tired or run you off the bandwagon. As a result, incorporating weed into your lifestyle may open closed doors that you thought never existed in the first place. But, ensure that you consult an expert before introducing yourself to this wonderful supplement.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.