From CBD concentrates to vape pens and CBD personal care products and supplements, CBD has become the hottest commodity online and offline. CBD is an extraordinary natural compound that has helped millions with pain, stress, anxiety, skin conditions, muscle disorders and so much more. Get to know the best CBD products in the market today and the people and companies that made them possible.

oHHo CBD Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are handy and easy to use as there’s no need to roll your joints anymore. The oHHo CBD Pre-Rolls is made from a high CBD flower with up to 17% CBD content. This is a hybrid with 50% India and 50% Sativa content.

oHHo is one of the most highly recommended in the industry. This wellness company has strict quality standards when it comes to the cultivation and processing of cannabis plants.

Omura Series 1

The Series 1 by Omura is one of the first heat and not burn vaporizers. It is designed to work with a pre-filled flower stick which is heated using convection heat.

Omura was founded in 2018 by CBD enthusiasts. Its goal was to make CBD consumption easier and more convenient. Their proprietary vaporizer machine is healthier, more efficient, and cleaner compared to using a joint, pipe, or bong.

Libertine CBD

Libertine CBD is available in four flavors made from four kinds of hemp flowers. These pre-rolls are specially designed to maximize the enjoyment of cannabinoids and terpenes and come in different tastes and effects.

Libertine CBD is also from Omura, a company that works closely with prominent cultivators. The company has strict Flower Brand Standards to make sure that you’re getting the best quality products.

Quill CBD Vape Pen

The Quill CBD Vape Pen is a full-spectrum hemp pen capable of 200+ puffs. It contains 750mg of high-quality Oregon hemp with full terpenes and no synthetic ingredients.

The Quill CBD vape was made by Make & Mary, a company that has high standards on CBD products. They test the quality, purity, and safety of their extracts, mostly from Oregon hemp farms.

Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength Hemp Extract Oil

Charlotte’s Web hemp extract oil is made from natural CBD. It is effective in the treatment of many conditions including pain, stress, anxiety, and seizures. This CBD extracts oil is available in flavors like Orange Blossoms, Olive Oil, Lemon Twist, and Mint Chocolate.

This CBD extract was made by Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers. The siblings had a mission which is to “unleash the healing powers of botanicals” through compassion and science.  The company is a certified B Corp which means they are one of the best in the industry.

Brown Girl Jane Daily Drops

Balance from Brown Girl Jane is a tincture that can help relieve stress and anxiety and help improve health and wellness. It is made from plant-based ingredients cultivated in the USA.

Balance is easy to use and can be taken under the tongue for immediate relief or mixed with food or drink. This quality CBD tincture is the product of two sisters Malaika Jones and Nia Jones and beauty and wellness guru Tai Beauchamp. The manufacturers work together with chemists, farmers, and manufacturers to develop plant-based and full-spectrum products for dynamic and busy consumers.

Ananda Full Spectrum 2000 CBD Oil

Ananda Full Spectrum CBD oil is known as the ultimate tincture with a full-spectrum formula. It is a powerful product that’s popular among CBD microdosing enthusiasts. This CBD oil is effective for pain, muscle strain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Ananda Hemp manufactures certified organic products. The company is Certified Glyphosate-Free and uses organic and environmentally-conscious growing methods. Their products are third-party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbes, and herbicides. You can guarantee high-quality and safe products with Ananda Hemp

Cured Nutrition Full Strength Pure Daily Hemp Oil

This mint flavored daily hemp oil can help with stress, anxiety, pain, nerve pain, and will help you recover from illnesses. It is made from THC-free full-spectrum herbs mixed with organic grapeseed oil.

This CBD product was made by Cured Nutrition. The company has one mission and that is to serve humanity by harnessing the power of nature. Cured is one with nature and is founded by a team with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in the use of cannabis for health and wellness.

Foria Relief Salve

Foria’s relief salve is developed for the natural relief of pain, aches, soreness, and many more. It was made using a combination of plant remedies including ginger, kava kava, eucalyptus, St John’s wort, and many more. CBD Relief Salve is tested for purity, heavy metals, purity, microbes, and other kinds of toxins.

Foria supports wellness and sexual pleasure. They use clean, organic ingredients and supports regenerative farming and green and responsible packaging. Foria products are pure and transparent, making them one of the best names in health and wellness using CBD.

MedTera CBD Gummies Sleep Tight

CBD-infused gummies from MedTera contain 25 mg CBD per candy. These gummies are great for the relief of pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression. You can get these in different awesome flavors but the most popular one is strawberry.

MedTera is one of the most popular CBD product brands when it comes to CBD edibles. MedTera Healthcare is focused on producing the best results and developing positive impacts on its clients. MedTera is focused on healthcare market research especially on the many amazing effects of CBD on health and wellness.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for natural pain relief or treatment for conditions like seizures, insomnia, or stress, you’ll find great relief from CBD. Always take time to get to know CBD products before you purchase. Find out more about CBD, how it works, and how you can benefit from its effects. Get in touch with us anytime to get the latest about CBD. 

What are some CDB products that you use? Let us know in the comments!

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