Web accessibility is an absolute necessity in the modern business world.
Not only is it the right thing to do and an opportunity to improve reputation and revenue, but it’s also the law. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, all places of public accommodations need to be accessible to all. In 2018, the Department of Justice reaffirmed that websites are indeed places of public accommodations, so pretty much any website in the US must be accessible to people with disabilities.

There is a very wide range of disabilities that can impact how someone uses a website, from blindness, to motor impairment, to epilepsy. Catering to all of those can be a challenge, especially when your development team needs to do it manually. In this webinar, we’ll discuss why and how you can and should make your digital presence accessible to all, without breaking the bank and without months of development work!

Build skills in:
How to make websites accessible
How various disabilities impact how people use the internet
How to check if your site is accessible to people with disabilities
This webinar is for you if you:
Have a website
Work with other companies or the public
Want to increase your potential revenue by up to $490B per year (the amount of disposable income the community of American people with disabilities has annually)!
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