x GREY Design Panel: Driving the Business Through Design

About this Event

Presented by & GREY

Design has become part of our day-to-day activities. As you walk in the streets, dining at that favorite restaurant of yours, or even as you try to open a messaging app on your smart phone.

Good design drives business. That’s not longer a tale, companies who fail in leveraging their design and brand equity will not be able to build the trust with their customer, let alone develop the brand loyalty with them. So what makes a great design? How can you get a head-start in building the right first-impressions for your customers? Join us for a panel discussion with three design experts who have conquered this difficult task and learn not only how they did it, but how to navigate the roadblocks they encountered and advice on what they have suggested to many of their successful clients.

Our panel of speakers will cover topics like:

  • How design holds the key to a successful brand
  • What you need to do to minimize miscommunication / wrong visual representation with designers on your project
  • How to create a dream-design team
  • How to decide how who to hire when the design market is so saturated
  • How to work with designers (freelancers and agencies)

We hope that you'll join us for this lively discussion on what makes a great design, design team process, and best practices in working with designers or design agencies. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a business owner, a fellow design enthusiast, or a designer, we are confident that you will enjoy the evening!



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