Important To register for this event, you must complete your registration here: This month again we’ve decided to make the event free for the first 150 registrants. If you’ve been wanting to check out the event or haven’t come in a while, this would be a great month to register early and attend! Overview The Product and Innovation Unconference brings together product, marketing, and technology professionals from many different disciplines and industries to teach and learn from each other in a 3-hour impromptu conference format. Who typically attends? Attendees include anyone involved in designing, building, and growing new technology products and companies. Many of our attendees are: • Product Managers / Product Owners • Marketers (Growth, Product, Brand) • Startup Founders • Designers (UI, UX, Communication) • User Researchers • Sales professionals • Customer Success professionals • People involved in innovation projects • Consultants and Coaches • Students Details Each month members share their knowledge in open spaces. Sessions are proposed by attendees at the start of the event and there are no pre-set topics. The unconference typically has 3 concurrent tracks and there is always something for everyone. The vast majority of the sessions are in “round-table” format, meaning that they are a discussion amongst everybody in the room. But, some people come in with a short presentation or workshop that they offer as a session. Anyone can propose a session to: • Share their knowledge • Ask for help • Discuss a topic NO SOLICITATIONS! How can I learn more about how the event works? Read this article: How should I prepare for the event? If you’re planning on attending, make a list of 2 or 3 topics that you would like to have a conversation about. This could be something that you want to share with others, or it could be something that you want to learn. Most of the sessions at the Unconference are based on a question someone has that they propose to have a round-table discussion on. Here are different things to think about to generate topic ideas: • What are the biggest challenges you’re having in your business? • What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the last 30 days? • What area(s) of product development, growth, or customer development that you wish you understood better? Think through those questions, then jot down 2-3 topics that you would want to discuss with other people who may have expertise in those areas. Example Sessions from Past Events • Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups – Q&A • David Bland, Founder at Precoil – What do I do with this customer development data? • Gagan Biyani & Morgan Springer, founders of Sprig – Q&A • Jez Humble, author of Lean Enterprise – Q&A • Alex Cowan, author of Starting a Tech Business – Storyboarding • Mair Dundon, UX Facilitator at QuietAction – Self Persona Workshop • Jacob Esparza, CEO of Making Friends – Lessons Learned from Steve Blank’s Lean Launch Pad Schedule • 6:00 pm – Doors open for food, beer & networking • 6:30 pm – Begin the UnConference! • 6:45 pm – UnConference session 1 • 7:15 pm – UnConference session 2 • 7:45 pm – UnConference session 3 How much does it cost? Registration is free for all attendees. Is there food? Drinks? No food or drinks will be provided unless we get a food sponsor. If your company wants to sponsor food for the event, please email Javid Jamae (javid at skipcard dot com). Hey! Wasn’t this called the Lean Startup Circle Unconference previously? Yes! Historically, this event was known as the Lean Startup Circle Unconference. In order to broaden the conversation and diversify the attendee base, we’ve decided to not merely focus the event on startups or exclusively on the topic of The Lean Startup, a popular business book that spearheaded a large movement in the world of business and product development. I can’t make this event, how can I get on your mailing list? Join our community here: How do I register for this event? To complete your registration, you must go here: