An unusual gathering of innovators, tech founders, and interesting troublemakers working in the name of good.


We will be publishing the 2020 Event by way of a publically available youtube video. Please sign up so that you can receive a notification when the event is published and a subsequent link will be provided for the live ZOOM Q/A with event speakers following the broadcast.

With the ubiquity of technology in our digital age a lot of discussion centers around on the harm that can result from this massive change. While there are unintended consequences of any mass societal shift – the Tech for Good Summit is here to discuss how technology brings wide-ranging positive impacts to people on a massive scale.

Please join us in this topical discussion with industry insiders and sponsoring companies. You will hear insights specific to them and their industries as well as be given an opportunity to ask your own questions.

The event is free event details and information on speakers at