Your community, or team, is a reflection on you. You must walk the talk. Great leadership includes the ability to listen to someone’s truth even if it doesn’t match yours. It includes owning your bad behaviors.

This session will allow you to see your impact on your team, take ownership of anything that is not working and develop tactics to stop the bad behaviors in a fun and effective way while developing a cohesive team.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The 7 ingredients that are crucial to being a pioneer and a rainmaker
  • What it takes to be a great and spiritual leader for your community and team
  • How to deal head-on with your Personal Integrity®; aligning your head (a plan), your heart (what you want), and your body (your actions).
  • To speak the language of accountability

You will be left with a new perspective, an inspired personal plan for your life, and the tools to cause the change you most want.

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