Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Move from Overworked & Stressed to Happy & Successful A four-module self-training system, complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module, as well as exercise worksheets to help you define your plan. In this 4 part series you will learn how to: ✓  Get rid of past self-sabotaging habits that you’ve never been able to shake off before ✓  Find out why self-care is so hard to put into practice, and what you can do to change that ✓  Uncover strategies and tips for making self-care guilt-free ✓  Be the successful entrepreneur you always wanted to be ✓  Set yourself up to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life instead of knocking yourself flat with unproductive overwork Module 1: The Whole-Body Entrepreneur Module 2: A Strong & Healthy Body Makes Good Business Sense Module 3: Nurture Your Emotional Wellbeing Module 4: Creativity Comes From the Soul