Technology is has become a staple in every facet of our lives. Learn how to properly use tech to create new opportunities for your business.

Co-Founder and Owner of 8A5E Cafe in the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago, IL, Boyu Li, joins us to tell his story of how he became a business owner, and how his cafe is a new format that leverages technology like none other.

8A5E is a hybrid space in the Bridgeport Art Center that is part coffee shop, part tech center. Not only can you munch on delicious plates prepared by executive chef Paul Zavala, you can receive tech assistance, rent event space, and network with entrepreneurs - even record a podcast.

Boyu is a true innovator using his passion for technology to create a new type of community space. INFINET speaks with him to learn how he is bringing tech to the restaurant industry in a new way, including his unique use for the InfiKIOSK.

Join us August 24th at 2 pm!