COVID-19 has created more need than ever for early-stage funding in the Midwest. Fundraising and due diligence are taking longer than usual, and founders are trying to fundraise a few warm introductions at a time. It's also more difficult for investors to source deals due to reduced travel, fewer events, and less networking.

So, we thought we'd do something about it.


  • A regional virtual summit focused on 1-on-1 meetings between startups and investors, each 25 minutes plus a 5-minute break


  • Founders (Pre-Seed to Series A stage) based in the Midwest or with ties to the region
  • Funders (angel investors and VCs) active in the Midwest


  • Virtual summit hosted by Sandalphon Capital


  • September 8-10, 2020 from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm CT
  • You can opt-in for 0-36 meeting slots over up to 3 days

Key Dates