Have you ever wanted to attend an event that was focused on YOU and your growth? Have you ever been to a "networking" event and wished you could just have a real conversation and not small talk? Have you ever been out at a bar and wished there were other ways to meet people? LIVE events focus on YOU, facilitates open and honest conversations, and brings people together. -- LIVE events feature men and women who make a difference in their community, providing an open forum to talk about life struggles, challenges, keys to success and lessons in relationships, health, business and more. Each event is focused on a specific theme and involves incredible thought-provoking speakers, and networking activities in-between. Make sure to get to the event by 6:30 PM to grab some refreshments, meet your sponsors, and chat with other attendees. The event will start promtly at 7 PM. During the event we will have three speakers and in-between two of the speakers a chance for all of you to dive into the theme of the event with other attendees. -- Note: This is NOT a networking business professional event. You will get real, open, authentic, and vulnerable, and warning, you may be inspired, transform, meet some new people, and grow personally. Refreshments are provided. Tickets will increase to $20 the Monday before the event.