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Disruption. Innovation. Fearlessness. All positive descriptions of start-up culture. But how and should that culture transcend to well-established businesses? Join us for a panel discussion by B2B marketing leaders with a variety of view points: from a mutli-national legacy brand to one of Chicago’s hottest start-ups, to a founder who sold his start-up to an enterprise business and then stayed to help drive more innovation. Key Take-aways:
  • How startups are affecting competition in B2B market segments
  • How do more mature companies work with startups and on the other side compete and move at their speed?
  • What implications and lessons can be earned from how startups market their wares, can these techniques work for the mature organization?
  • How can startup methodology work in a mature company? Can corporate management commit to this change of culture?
9AM- Ignition Center open for event guests as work space 10:30AM- Interactive Design Thinking Seminar and Data Visualization Seminars 11:30AM- Open tours of Ignition Center & Lunch 12:30PM- Panel Discussion, Q&A 1:45PM- Interactive Design Thinking Seminar and Data Visualization Seminars