Founders' Spotlight is an event where founders are given the opportunity to share their story and interact with other entrepreneurs.

About this Event

Entrepreneurship is hard, and often times, the entrepreneurial journey is lonely. Here at Rescale Lab's event, Founders' Spotlight, you are able to find like-minded people, who are as driven and as passionate as you in changing the world for the better.

Come and share your business and your story! Let others know you and support you as you thrive for success!

Our founder's spotlight welcomes all entrepreneurs, be it you have started your business or not, we want you to join the event and take away as much as you can! Be ready to get inspired and expand your network (and net worth!) as you are connecting with entrepreneurs and experienced founders all around the world!


Our event host: Dennis Poh

Dennis has years of experience in corporate governance and legal industry, previously working for law firms and running corporate compliance firms in Singapore.

He subsequently founded companies in Asia with the mission to professionalize services for start-ups and SME, after working as a Product Head in legal tech start-up.

Since then, he has assisted several start-ups with their due diligence and completion for their Seed to Series A fundraising, and exits.

Now, his firm manages more than 200 companies with founders from across the world, advising on accounting, finance, corporate governance, corporate structuring, investor relation and business model and strategy issues.

You are highly encouraged to email Jesper at to register as a presenter for the event, so that you are given a slot to share your business and story to other entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Dennis would be giving valuable feedback on your startup and possibly introduce you to strategic partners under his network for potential partnership and collaborations!!!


As a presenter, you will be getting the following perks:

1. Your startup will be feature on our Rescale Lab monthly newsletter and social media platforms. (Literally FREE marketing for you!)

2. You and your team will be given free Rescale Lab accounts and access to hundreds of investors and business experts who will help you to achieve success!

3. FREE and useful startup resources provided on our Rescale Lab platform to improve your business productivity and expand your network further.


As an event participant, you will be able to get useful insights on the startup ecosystem as well as the opportunities to connect with amazing founders.

1. You will be given a FREE Rescale Lab account to get access to free entrepreneurship resources. You will be able to find your dream founder team, investors and advisers on our platform and start your entrepreneurial journey in no time!

2. You will be added to our exclusive entrepreneurs Telegram/Whatsapp groups to connect with other like-minded individuals who are as passionate as you about entrepreneurship.



If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact Jesper at .

Thank you, and hope you have a great time during our events!



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