Networking session dedicated to founders

About this Event

Join EC for our Founder's night for startup discussions, problem-solving, tips, recommendations, introductions and networking.

Event is limited to founders only. Registrants will be vetted before confirming the tickets.


1. Intro to EC

2. Fireside chat with Guest Founder

3. Q&A with audience

4. Networking in groups of 10


About Springboard 2021:

This workshop is part of EC's Springboard 2021 - a series of 15 workshops, pitch competitions and networking sessions aimed at supercharging startup founders with essential skills & knowledge. Register for all events at once over this link.


About EC

At Entrepreneurs Collective we focus on bringing together quality Founders, Angel Investors and VC's from across the startup eco-system. Organised by lawyer, founder, investor - Michael Blakeley - our events bring together the UK's most impressive start-ups and seasoned investors. Join our community for exciting events and quality connections.

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Like lots of start-ups & investors, we're getting used to the reality that we will all be working remotely for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, we want to ensure our community has the knowledge and tools to adapt and overcome the current challenges of the startup ecosystem.