Founder Fundamentals is an 11-week virtual workshop series designed to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial career.

About this Event

About Founder Fundamentals

Interested in building your entrepreneurial skills to launch your startup?

YSpace, York University’s innovation hub, is partnering with the Markham Small Business Centre (MSBC) to host an 11-week educational program called Founders Fundamentals.

Whether you are a professional services company, brick and mortar or technology startup, the program aims to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Spanning across topics such as social media marketing, to how to write a business plan, to legal basics and more, this program provides a wide range of learning. In addition, the program connects you with local resources for potential next steps as you progress in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Individuals who attend at least 9 out of the 11 workshops will receive an Innovation York Certificate of Completion, illustrating their dedication to learning about the essentials of launching a successful business.

About the Workshop

Mental health is often a topic that isn't readily discussed when it comes to entrepreneurship, but it is vital to the success of any startup. The reality is that entrepreneurs are 50 percent more likely to report having a mental health condition, with some specific conditions being more prevalent amongst founders. It is therefore necessary that mental health is openly talked about and strategies are developed to increase resilience and destigmatize these common struggles. During this workshop, you will learn:

- What mental health looks like for an entrepreneur

- The mental health landscape since COVID-19

- Tactical strategies for navigating stress and triggers

- How to share safely and vulnerably

- Where to find support resources or organizations


About the Presenter

Cherry Rose Tan

With 12 years of expertise in psychology, Cherry Rose has guided thousands through the trenches of mental health. A fifth-generation entrepreneur, her superpower is helping leaders talk about the really hard things, so they can lead powerfully at home and at work. A mentor for the Inc. Founders Project, she coaches CEOs on emotional resilience and psychological safety.


As the CEO of #REALTALK, the mental health movement for the tech industry, she is shedding a light on tech’s darkest secrets. With 70+ champions across North America, tech CEOs share their mental health stories on her Top 14 Business podcast. A mental health authority, she has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and more. She teaches at the Schulich School of Business.


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