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The road to success is paved with failure, so you might as well learn to do it right. Even the giants you see today have stumbled, misfired, and taken a wrong step before. What makes them different is how they always bounce back, rise up, and power through these difficult moments.

In this event, we are inviting giants in their industries and successful entrepreneurs to share their failures and hard-learned lessons. Join this free panel discussion and find out what you can learn from their hard lessons and where you will go from here?


Featuring Panelists:

Odile Entrepreneur

Odile Roujol

(#GREYgang Maverick)

Founder Fab Ventures and FaB community. Ex Lancôme CEO/ President  L'Oréal Group

Odile is the Founder of the FaB Fashion & BeautyTech community (founded in SF in 2017. Now 5000+ founders & funders, 15 chapters in America, Europe, and Asia).
She’s also the Founder of Fab Co-Creation Studio Ventures LLC - seed stage, Direct-to-Consumer.
She's an Advisor with Next World Capital in SF, working with the firm’s portfolio companies as they expand into international leaders. She's also an Advisor with Hive Data (AI).
Odile was the Chief Strategy and Data Officer at Orange in France (a leading $40 billion+ market cap French telco in 30 EMEA markets with 350 million customers), where she reported to the CEO. She previously served as EVP of Brand and Communications and EVP of Marketing.
She spent a large part of her career with major brands in the field of Beauty& Luxury as an executive with L’Oréal, YvesSaintLaurent, and Bourjois (Chanel). While with L'Oréal, she managed the Lancôme brand in France and the US and became Managing Director / President of Lancôme International in 2006 (#1 worldwide cosmetic brand in luxury).



Billy Dec Entrepreneur  

Billy Dec

Emmy Award-Winning Host/Actor, Owns Sunda New Asian (Chicago/Nashville), Underground Chicago, Ad Agency COACT, HR Pro

Billy Dec is a 2 time Emmy Award Winning TV Personality, Actor, Attorney, Restaurateur, and owner of celebrated hospitality and entertainment venues like Sunda New Asian and The Underground Nightclub. In addition to being CEO/Founder of Rockit Ranch, a hospitality management company, Dec launched a new cutting edge marketing agency called COACT, and an HR firm called HR Pro, both built on leveraging growing communities of top independent talent in their respective industries.

Dec can regularly be seen on NBC's TODAY Show, acting in films and on TV shows like Criminal Minds and Empire, hosting his own podcast “The Meal of Your Life!” and is hosting/producing a new documentary for PBS he recently shot in his mother’s native island of the Philippines. Dec is a Chicago-Kent College of Law and Harvard Business School Alum, who was a Presidential appointee for five years, serving on the White House Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, and the White House Bullying Prevention Task Force, and served on many local committees, boards, and commissions to serve the community.



Glen Lundy Square

Glenn Lundy

Pioneer of the 800% Club, host of #riseandgrind, author, speaker, and former GM of Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick

He is a husband to 1, a father to 7, and the host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind. He’s been seen at places like Hustle and Grind Con, Grow Your Business For God’s Sake! and many more stages across the country. Glenn has been spotlighted on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and is an expert in dealership culture development, and leadership training. With 20 years experience in the automotive industry, Glenn lead a dealership from 120 cars a month to an 800% increase in sales in five years, becoming the 2nd largest used car franchise in the country. His unique style makes him one of the most coveted GM’s in the business. Glenn has the unique ability to help identify the areas for growth in your store, and teach creative ways to invoke your dealerships spirit. With a background in sales, and finance, he uses his skill sets to create growth, as well as tapping into the mental side of human development.


Debra Chen  3rd degree connection3rd Debra has a account IRTH Communications

Debra Chen

Creator & Host of Award-Winning Podcast The Great Fail, Former Wall Street Executive

Debra is an entrepreneur, and creator, producer, and host of the award-winning podcast, The Great Fail, a true crime-inspired business show that explores some of the most iconic failures in corporate history. The Great Fail is internationally recognized and has reached the Top 10 Charts for “Entrepreneurship” and “Business” categories worldwide, The show has been featured in Forbes, ABC News, Podcast Magazine, Digital Hollywood and recently won Adweek’s 2020 Podcast of the Year awards.

After cutting her teeth on the trading floors of Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, Debra emerged as an expert in the global capital markets where she excelled as an executive and strategist best known for growing and scaling companies. She was formerly the Executive Director of China Cablecom (Nasdaq: CABL), managed shareholder strategy for WWE Shane McMahon's Chinese media startup, You On Demand (Nasdaq: YOD), and President of Oxford Metrica, an analytics and advisory firm founded by Dean of Oxford, working with clients that include Johnson & Johnson, Ogilvy, ExxonMobil, Nestle and other Fortune 500 companies.



Ben Ritter Entrepreneur

Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Entrepreneur, Leadership and Career Coach at LFY Consulting


Anson Wu Entrepreneur

Anson Wu

Chief Creative Officer(CCO) at discoverGREY


Event Agenda

  1. Event kick-off and a special announcement
  2. Moderator introducing each featured entrepreneurs/panelists 
  3. Each panelist share their hard-learned lessons
  4. Moderator Q & A
  5. Audience Q & A
  6. Networking


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