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Entrepreneurship is not always sunshine and rainbows. It's the hard work, the long hours, the close calls, and the nonstop hustle that gives you a winning chance. Even with all that, data shows that 50% of all startups won't make it into their 5th year.

While most of the talk out there is about the wins, we want to pull back the curtain and have the ugly talk. Every successful entrepreneur has their fair share of missteps and missed opportunities. What if we can learn from their experiences and improve our chances of success?


This is exactly why we are hosting this panel discussion. Free to attend and RSVP required. Spots are very limited!  


Catalina Isabel Gaete, Founder & CEO of Catan Pisco

I want to scream, celebrate and educate the U.S on this beautiful South American spirit that is...PISCO. I am humbled and proud to be the first Chilean woman in the country’s history to start her own pisco company and invite you all to explore Chile through the flavors of Catan Pisco.


Montana Butsch, Founder of Spotivity

Founder of Spotivity, a double-sided marketplace that not only supports after school programs to increase enrollment and participation rates but also enables kids and their parents to make the best decisions about how to use time outside of school hours. Spotivity removes key logistical barriers to entry and promotes positive networking opportunities while providing a platform for marketers to engage with a key demographic market. This self-sustainable dynamic app will ultimately evolve into a lifestyle/social tool and grow in importance as the user ages.


Vanessa Abron, Founder & CEO of Agency Abron

Vanessa Abron is a public relations professional with expertise in securing positive media coverage for brands in national and local media outlets. Past media coverage includes placements in notable media outlets such as NBC’s TODAY, Now This, Chicago Tribune, The Source, the Associated Press and ABC News to name a few.


Alex Glen

Alex Glen, Founder of Partner Programs

I am the founder of Partner Programs- a marketplace and partner programs specialist now-focused on making sure tech companies deploy the most efficient resource allocation in both marketing strategy and early hiring decisions.



Anson Wu, Founder & CCO of GREY

Inspired by nonconformists, entrepreneurs, and disruptors who are defying expectations and moving humankind forward through grinding hard work, GREY was founded to celebrate innovative thinking and world-changing ideas.

Special Guest


J.P. Lamp, PHR HR Professional and Podcast Host at Lamp Enterprises

I am a results-driven professional with experience in recruiting, project management, and consulting in the mobile, web development, and software technology industries.