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The road to success is paved with failure, so you might as well learn to do it right. Even the giants you see today have stumbled, misfired, and taken a wrong step before. What makes them different is how they always bounce back, rise up, and power through these difficult moments.

In this event, we are inviting giants in their industries and successful entrepreneurs to share their failures and hard-learned lessons. Join this free panel discussion and find out what you can learn from their hard lessons and where you will go from here.

Event Details

Dates: Sept 21, 2022 

Time: 6 PM to 8:00 PM 

Location: (WorkVille) 1412 Broadway 21st Floor, New York, NY 10018


Panel Lineup

D. J. Dashti  | Co-Founder / CEO at Workville

D.J. Dashti is CEO & Co-Founder of WorkVille, NYC’s best boutique coworking space. His primary role is sales and strategic planning, specializing in custom buildouts. DJ also manages the everyday experience, emphasizing ensuring each member starts and ends their day feeling good. He enjoys problem-solving and customizing solutions to meet members' needs.


Jon Ebner Market Leader at HUNGRY

Jon Ebner is currently the Market Director in New York for HUNGRY. He is an experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Food-Tech industry. Jon combines his passion for building businesses with his background in Sales, Management, Public Speaking, and Training. He has a Bachelor of Arts focused in Psychology from the University of Michigan.


Maurice Ng | Founder and General Partner at Tings Capital

Maurice Ng (Ng Hong Nin 吳康年) is the Founder and General Partner at Tings Capital, where he focuses on leading and directing all investment and operational activities of the firm. Tings Capital is a $100MM venture capital firm investing in underrepresented founders - People of Color, Women, LGBTQIA+, 1st Gen Immigrants, and People with Disabilities

Marina Romashko | Founder of Big Idea Lab and Co-founder & COO of HeyLayer

Marina Romashko is a 2x entrepreneur and Mindfulness Productivity Coach. She is the founder of Big Idea Lab and Co-founder & COO of HeyLayer. In 2008 she founded of Big Idea Lab, a New York City based productivity coaching firm with clients across the globe. Romashko’s unique productivity coaching method uses project management, leadership skills, and mindfulness techniques to help clients create personalized productivity styles based on their individual requirements.



Danielle Farage

A Gen Z Work Futurist and Top Voice for Gen Z. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2020, at 22, she landed a Head of Marketing at a Y Combinator-backed HR Tech startup based in Paris. She creates content and community to help bridge the gap between leaders & talent to create more inclusive, equitable, and dynamic cultures.



Anson Wu from GREY Journal



  • Marina Simovic
  • Giada Bardelli
  • Tori Hanson