Are you in career or business Woman or Youth looking to learn new skills in profession, business, or academics, raise capital, or network?

About this event

Our 4-10 week (10 modules) program for Career women, Womeneurs and youths lays the foundation for the successful launch of new career upward movement, strategic entrepreneurial business growth, and helps keep small businesses on track. This is crucial for both established career persons and new entrants into Canada, entrepreneurs starting a new business, or managing a small business and for other professionals. You will learn and understand the underlying core values of good workforce practices, new business strategies to build up, and elevate your knowledge base of available resources and how to get them.

You will learn how to set up your business, gain new partners, develop new ideas, and present you executive summary to an Audience.

The 1st 5 Registered candidates get gifts.

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Course Overview- Summary here

  • An in-depth workshop teaching the basic fundamentals of small business and startups.​​
  • How to build your business plan and identify the core values of a good business practice.
  • How to lay the financial foundations to your startup and ensure long term success.
  • How to develop your brand and add more value to it different tools.
  • How to build your sales pitch and narrow down your target audience.

Adjunct Faculty


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EPA Class 3 in Session with Head of Small Business BDC- (Business Development Bank Canada)

Webinar EP Academy Session


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Brand management and Leadership classes.