Doing It All: Managing Work, Life, and Love for Creative Women

About this Event

Presented by Creative Women's Co. How do you manage work, life and love as a modern creative women? You see some women do it all, and juggle their work and life trying to create the balance and keeping their sanity. Our panel of speakers will cover topics like:
  • How to create boundaries for your professional and personal life
  • Tips on how to best managing your time and be productive
  • How to build-in self care for yourself
  • How to manage the tightrope between your passion for your business and personal relationships
We hope that you'll join us for this lively discussion on juggling time for your career, business, family, and make time for yourself and enjoying love and life. Whether you're a creative women executives, just started your business or you've been in business for years, we are confident that you will enjoy the evening!
Creative Women's Co. is a community project by Chykalophia, a digital brand consultancy that help establish brand pillars that elevate the confidence and success of our fellow visionaries through a balance of strategic discovery, eye-catching design and modern digital solutions, all fueled by our collaborative, passionate, resource-packed community About Creative Women's Co.: Creative Women’s Co. is a series of intimate gatherings for creative women entrepreneurs to connect with each other on a personal level, learn together and spark collaborations. Our mission is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for women entrepreneurs. We host monthly events that range from brunch mini-workshop, cocktails & conversations, speed mentoring, retreat, virtual talks, and panel events. Special events like speed mentoring and panel events are hosted annually. Our monthly events are each limited to 10-12 women (total including the host/co-host) in order to create an intimate environment, so it’s less like meeting up with random professionals but more like seeing friends. About evolveHer: EvolveHer is a beautiful 5,000 square foot loft located in Chicago's River North neighborhood. Our creative work & event space was designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration amongst women. We create personalized connections and experiences to advance women in their career and life.