Creating a Data Driven Culture

About this Event

Everyone wants to capture the benefits of big data by making better data driven decision. We are inundated by analytical tools that deliver “insights” and process information quickly. Although often overlooked, creating a data driven culture is as important as finding the right tools to make data driven decisions. Organizations who skip this foundational element often find their investment in Data tools and personal don’t yield the benefits that becoming Data Driven is supposed to unlock. In this talk you’ll learn about why creating a Data Driven culture is vital to every organization and the starting point for ensuring your data strategy generates strong impact and ROI. Takeaways:
  • What is a data driven culture? Where does it start?
  • What happens when you implement tools (tableau, power BI, Machine Learning, etc) without first having a data driven culture
  • Stages of a Data Driven Culture?
  • How to get started?
Your Instructor: Kevin Chapin is the Practice Director for Data and Analytics at Slalom Consulting.