Learn more together with the group on this Creative Women's Co. event.

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Cycle syncing + active mediation: the key to female activation

We're excited to have you at our creative mini workshop event! Join business coach Erin Doppelt for a talk on how to increase productivity, abundance and freedom through cycle syncing and active meditation. This is an interactive workshop where we examine our natural circadian rhythm as women and use the rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone to propel our great work forward. We will also practice active meditation to bust through blocks and support our aligned actions in creating a business and life you adore. Erin Doppelt , CEO - Spiritual Intelligence LLC Erin Rachel Doppelt is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher, host of Wise Woman Podcast and retreat leader. She facilitates innovative mindfulness workshops and trainings in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal and professional development. She is the creator behind the coaching certification "Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy" and "Soul Immersion" group coaching and training programs. Erin developed her programming based on her experience living and learning in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Erin earned an MA in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University, and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Check out her Instagram @ErinRDoppelt and her website. Come and join other creative women in an intimate and casual environment. We'd love to see you!
Creative Women's Co. is a community project by Chykalophia, a digital brand consultancy that help establish brand pillars that elevate the confidence and success of our fellow visionaries through a balance of strategic discovery, eye-catching design and modern digital solutions, all fueled by our collaborative, passionate, resource-packed community About Creative Women's Co.: Creative Women’s Co. is a series of intimate gatherings for creative women entrepreneurs to connect with each other on a personal level, learn together and spark collaborations. Our mission is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for women entrepreneurs. We host monthly events that range from brunch mini-workshop, cocktails & conversations, speed mentoring, retreat, virtual talks, and panel events. Special events like speed mentoring and panel events are hosted annually. Our monthly events are each limited to 10-12 women (total including the host/co-host) in order to create an intimate environment, so it’s less like meeting up with random professionals but more like seeing friends. About Ama La Vida : Ama La Vida is an innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people love every aspect of their lives, which is the meaning of our name. We provide affordable and results-oriented coaching through an integrative approach of modules in our proprietary eCoaching platform and one-on-one coaching sessions with the nation’s top certified coaches. Through this proven approach, we help our clients to find balance, create a unique vision for success, optimize their mental and physical health and find fulfillment in all domains of life. With 15 coaches and counting on our team, you will be matched with the perfect coach for you to hold you accountable, support you and cheer you on!