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About this event

Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? This workshop will explore what traits make a successful entrepreneur!

Using Lumina Learning terminology, during this webinar we will examine critical competencies and competency potential of entrepreneurs.

We will investigate the top eight competencies that successful entrepreneurs claim. How do these compare to CEOs? CFOs? Lawyers?

What happens to those qualities when the entrepreneur overextends themselves, when they are in a stressful place?

Dive into the top 10 hard won lessons of an entrepreneur.

Participants will get the option of a follow up session to review their own personal portrait and to start developing their potential.



Participants who attend the session will be entered to win a WESTEM SWAG box! Draw will take place at the end of the session.


Presented By: Keri Drennan

Keri is passionate about engaging and inspiring people to think outside the box. She is a Professional Engineer with 24 years of progressive leadership experience in the oil and gas industry. She will tell you that she owes her success to building relationships and shifting cultures and paradigms.

After semi-retiring from the Oil and Gas world in 2018, Keri started Impact Leader. Her aspiration to live in a world that is inclusive, engaging and inspiring led to this transformation. Everyone deserves to work in a trusting, respectful culture that includes maximizing business goals while having fun!

Keri can make a difference in this world by focussing on the areas she is most passionate: transforming leaders and engaging teams.


IMPORTANT: Please note this is a live event that will be delivered during the date and time indicated.


WESTEM programming is mandated to support rural/remote Southern Alberta women; does not include Calgary.

 Being an Entrepreneur - What it Takes to Succeed image

 Being an Entrepreneur - What it Takes to Succeed image