About This Event

Join Eight Bit Studios and General Assembly for a panel event where we'll discuss different approaches for building a mobile app strategy and explore business considerations that influence capabilities, time, and budget. You’ll walk away with a handful of tried-and-true ways other businesses crafted their mobile strategy and learn insights into how they implemented those strategies.

About the Panelists

Joe Girolamo Photo

Senior Product Manager, Reverb

Joe Girolamo is Senior Product Manager at Reverb, a leading online marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments. In this position, Joe works with executives to develop a roadmap that’s aligned with company initiatives and with developers to execute on that roadmap. Joe joined Reverb in 2014, when the company had less than 30 employees, and has worked on various teams within the organization, including the mobile apps team, since then. Prior to joining Reverb, Joe was a product designer at Groupon and a lead designer at Steve Robbins Group. Joe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Business at Calvin College and in his free time, he enjoys hacking on personal projects, especially React Native mobile apps.

Tammy Johnson Photo

Manager, MDRT Academy

Tammy Johnson is manager of the MDRT Academy, a new association created to accelerate the professional and personal growth of financial services professionals. A former journalist, Johnson began her tenure at MDRT (the MDRT Academy’s parent association) in 2008, where she served as associate editor of MDRT’s membership magazine. She shifted her focus to broader organizational initiatives in 2011, when she began working with MDRT’s CEO and Executive Committee on a multi-year strategic planning process to better attract and retain members. The MDRT Academy was created as an offshoot of MDRT’s strategic plan and is intended to provide a learning pathway and community to advisors striving to attain MDRT-level productivity. As team lead on the development and launch of the MDRT Academy, Johnson worked closely with Eight Bit Studios, whose team built an app and website that house the entire offering. The MDRT Academy team, which includes MDRT staff, Eight Bit and other vendors, is currently focused on growing the association’s offerings and audience.

Carolyn Chandler Photo

Director of UX, Eight Bit Studios

Carolyn Chandler has been working in the field of User Experience Design for over 20 years, after finding it due to a driving interest in psychology and anthropology. As Director of UX at Eight Bit Studios, her areas of specialty include design strategy and leadership, interaction design, and user research and modeling. She co-authored A Project Guide to UX Design with Russ Unger (now in its second edition) and Adventures in Experience Design with Anna van Slee. Due to her work in teaching and mentoring students and start-ups, Carolyn was named one of “Chicago’s Tech 50” by Crain’s Magazine. She appreciates cheesy puns and words like spork.

Vic Emond Photo

Technology Manager, Black Spectacles

Right out of high school, I thought I wanted to become an architect; but after two semesters of late nights (doing homework!), I changed majors and switched to mathematics. Prior to my current role, I had been at an award winning Chicago marketing agency for 11+ years, and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before that, honing my web development skills. And when I feel the need to flex my creative muscle, I do some nuts-to-bolts freelance web design on the side.

It was serendipity that Black Spectacles and I found each other back in July 2018. Black Spectacles provides the industry-leading test prep for the Architect Registration Examination in the form of online videos, practice exams, flashcards and group coaching and private tutoring. While I'm doing less hands-on developing from day to day, my eye for good design paired with my digital know-how are a perfect fit for my role at my new gig. It also doesn't hurt that I know a bit about architecture and was a high school mathematics teacher in my past life!

Sarav Subramani Photo

Product Strategy and Innovation Lead, Groupon

Sarav Subramani is a veteran in the product management and analytics spaces having helped companies launch both B2B and B2C products. After spending my initial years in consulting, I decided to pursue a career in product management as it combined my curious nature, love of tech, and desire to help people. I’ve worked with companies both big and small across many industries and its this diverse background that provides a great foundation for product management. In my current role, I help define the vision, strategy, and roadmap for Groupon's local experiences across merchants and consumers.